Melissa & Joey 3×26 ‘Chaperones’: “I’m gonna be looking very Jay Z”


If you’ve read my words concerning Melissa & Joey anytime before this moment you know how much I loved this week’s episode – so much Ryder! While there was a whirlwind of emotions going on in his life, Mel and Joe were chaperoning the school dance and getting into way more trouble than any of the students.

Since it’s been a minute or two since we got a healthy dose of Ryder, it’s been even longer since his girlfriend, Stella, was in the picture. I have to admit, I thought she was going to breakup with him due to her attitude problem and lack of interest in the dance. With that in mind it was no wonder that he sought out help. Oh Joe, he meant well with that speech but we all had to expect that was coming. It was like the writers of this show met up with The Fosters’ and were like, you know what’s hot this season? Well…breakup notes that sit idle but eventually get read.


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It sucked to see Stell and Ryder end, but the fact that he basically got an entire episode to himself and a hearty storyline was refreshing. Plus, that meant no extra time for his sister…Will we Stella again? Most definitely next week as Ryder tries to win her back…while he ticks off their teacher, guest star Andrew Lawrence (‘90s squeal). So I guess the real question is will she take him back? I just hate when people storm off without hearing the other person out…

Wait, before we go any further we have to give a round of applause to Ryder for doing the deed with Stella. This will likely not stop the jokes from Lennox’s end though.


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He was the clear cut star this week, but Mel and Joe managed to steal a scene once they were at the dance that Ryder and Stella never made it to. Joe took his volunteer duty too serious until they managed to find their way on top of a desk. I can honestly say I thought Mel was going to let that teenage couple take the blame for what she and Joe did. I guess that’s how much faith I have in her moral. Sadly, now that Mel has a record as a “bad parent”…she’ll probably wind up on that “Meet the Deadbeat Parents” site with that awful mid-sneeze face.

Finally, a Ryder filled week. Seriously though…Is someone from ABC Family listening? First Baby Daddy and now Melissa & Joey – favorite characters are moving up the food chain!

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