Melissa & Joey 3×25 ‘My Roof, My Rules’: “Killer frames and rockin’ man bag”


Ryder was on Skype 99% of the episode and he was still the best part as his sister moved out and Joe and Mel really got a lesson in parenting – an 18-year-old baby.

The cat dove out of the bag as Mel and Joe learned Lennox was dating her TA, Emerson. Sadly Zander didn’t have anything to say on the manner as he was MIA this week. This gave Mel and her niece some time to hash it out on their own – with a little of Joe’s insight. Being that Mel’s a more laid back kind of person it was believable that she’d just want to ignore Lennox’s new boyfriend, but  that little voice inside her head AKA Joe (and his horrible Joe Pesci impression) convinced her otherwise.


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It was easy to see the result of Lennox rebelling against Mel’s rules and moving to Emerson’s. It was also easy to assume the bathroom in his man-run apartment was going to be a disaster. Although it was expected, it was still disgusting to see. Nightmares will be had for days thanks to those visuals.

Oh Emerson, it was only a matter of time before we got rid of that guy. Lennox was right to call him smug because that’s exactly the stench he gave off from the second he appeared on the show. Now that they aren’t dating though…Will we still see him around? He is her TA…

As we pondered whether or not we’ll ever see the pretentious Emerson again, we had Ryder on a failed school trip to Canada. Misplacing his passport left him stranded at the border with what he thought was magic – room service. Again, his time was minimal but it was greatly appreciated. I had to get to the bottom of why this kid was never around…He’s going to be in the new Jurassic World. That’s awesome for him, but not so much for the show. Zander’s steadily growing to be as funny, but he could never be the replacement.


Photo Source: ABC Family

This was also a chance for Mel and Joe to showcase their parenting skills as a duo. They learned Ryder was “gratfull” for both of them and that softened the blow of having to search high and low for a passport he had the entire time. Could this be a sign that these two will close out the season deciding on having one of their own? If Ryder wants to head more towards the big screen in reality…a baby could serve as a (non-interesting) replacement.

That’s something I hope we never have to deal with. So Lennox proved she was a crybaby who found love in the wrong place, while Mel and Joe realized what a great team they make in the parenting department.

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