Melissa & Joey 3×17 ‘A Decent Proposal’: Porkgasm


Can ABC Family never do random Christmas episodes again? They messed with my head when it came to the reality of Melissa & Joey. This is mainly because I don’t want to hop back and forth; move forward or bust. Anyways, we pick up where we left off; Joe, Mel and Austin in an awkward living room.

The whole episode was focused on getting Mel and Joe to see they were perfect for one another. Oh wait, that’s sort of been what the entire series has been about, right? So they finally did it in Jersey and Mel wants to act like it was just an intense conversation she and Joe had about Game of Thrones when Austin questions the tension in the room. Wouldn’t have pegged either a fan of the HBO drama, but clearly Austin’s not the brightest and fell for it. See, right there Mel should’ve known he wasn’t the one.


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Was it just me or was Lennox a little off her game tonight. The lines were there, but there was nothing behind them. Usually both kids bring it but she was slacking minus one line that got me (wait for it). Hopefully the whole rest of the season isn’t about Joe and Mel so she and Ryder get some character development.

Lennox’s deliver aside, this rest of the gang was on point. Kudos to the writers for some really “laugh out loud” moments. My notes were basically every line that made me release sounds that likely led to my roommate waking up. So here we go – “clearing the pipes” and “reloading the torpedo” in reference to Austin reversing his vasectomy, “it’ll end in cannibalism” and here we go with Lennox’s one, “I will post your browsing history.” I can’t forget to mention the funniest part – the separation of the kitchen stuff.


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So we’ve covered how I hated the random holiday episode, Austin being clueless, Lennox being so-so, and the one-liners that’ll be favorite GIFs on Tumblr soon. Now let’s talk about where we go from here. As soon as Austin showed no remorse for poor Ryder in the hospital, we all knew Mel was mentally choosing Joe. That’ll be what the plots from here on out circle, and it’s exciting because it’s what we’ve all wanted but at the same time – do they make it until the end of the series? We saw in this episode that if they’re not romantically linked, Joe’s out.  That’ll always be looming over their relationship.

As we come to an end, we’ve made it over the first hurdle (Austin, pride, fear of the what-ifs) and next week we face the idea of time. Joe’s new job takes up all of his and leaves little for Mel. Plus, Zander’s back to give Lennox something to do.

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