Marvel’s Agent Carter 1×05 ‘The Iron Ceiling’: The true definition of Girl Power

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Whenever I’m in times of trouble (or Russia) I think WWPCD? What would Peggy Carter do?

The answer is: stay smart, be witty, kick some butt, and shoot some things all at the same time.

You’re welcome.

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

What. A. Fantastic. Freaking. Episode!

There was the Howling commandos (WAHOO), there was the introduction to the Black Widow Institute of Terror and Pretty Girls, there was Sousa being too damn smart, Thompson being an actual human, and Peggy just being Peggy.

It was all I needed in an episode.

But honestly, holy character development, Thompson! I know I’ve made fun of the SSR guys more than once for being incompetent misogynists, but I actually really hate it when shows about strong females make the men into total slobbering idiots. I’m really glad they switched it up here, and gave Thompson (yes, I bothered to remember your character’s name) another dimension, especially in a time period when men were only men if they were strong, cocky, and violently heroic. PTSD during and after World War II wasn’t truly defined, and heavily stigmatized, so to see him, a manly-man character, freeze in the middle of a fight made his character more realistic, and definitely humbled him.

I liked that he opened up to Carter, and for once, actually accepted her for whom she is.

Which is amazing, by the way. She handles everything with such calm and class; I swear if they gave her the superhuman serum, she would have won the war single-handedly.

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

Did you see her with that machine gun? That was SICK!

I love it because she can be both vulnerable and strong-willed, both graceful, and powerful. I really don’t have enough adjectives to describe her, or how much she means to me. And I truly hope I’m not the only one. With more and more women reading comic books, watching the movies, and enjoying the shows, I hope a lot of girls (and boys) will look up to Peggy Carter like they look up to Captain America.

Sorry I’m getting sentimental, back to the usual goofiness.

That Black Widow school is creepy (and metal) as hell, and I don’t know what Dottie is truly up to (besides trying to become Peggy), but talk about the past affecting you in the future. She still shares her bread and shackles herself to her bed every night. It’s so terrifying because we just don’t expect it. Pretty little girls aren’t assassins, so of course that’s why they were chosen. Dum-Dum Dugan and Junior Juniper found that out the hard way.

What’s kind of disheartening is that the Black Widow we know and love probably went through the same horrifying experience, and while she seems a little more stable than Dottie and the rest that kind of stuff has to haunt her. I hope we’ll actually get to see more of her story in Age of Ultron.

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

Speaking of which, I’m going to be haunted by the way Sousa looked at Peggy at the end of the episode for probably the rest of my life. Gah, I am so conflicted. Peggy and Thompson actually being nice to each other, while Sousa is being beyond standoffish because he found out about Peggy being involved with Howard was just too much of character switch.

And you know, I just don’t appreciate the previews at all. After all Peggy went through to get some respect from the SSR, and it’s just all going to blow up in her face in an instant, and Sousa pulling a gun on her has already made my heart stop.

All in all, just wow. I can’t say the show is getting intense because it kind of has been since the start, but it is getting even more intense (intenser?) than ever before, which makes me sad because I NEVER WANT IT TO EEEEENNNNNNDDDDD!

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