How to Get Away with Murder 2×02 ‘It’s All Her Fault’: Sam and his secrets

I feel like things could’ve been better solved than with a coin toss. Especially since he lied about it. Wes is very strange. I feel like he is influenced by his surroundings easily. Could that be good for his future career as a lawyer? I know covering a murder is definitely not good for his career. This is only Episode 2 of Season 1, I wonder how Season 2 will go from here.

Annalise’s assitant, Bonnie Winterbottom(yes, that is her name. Help.) is so obsessed with Sam, Annalise’s husband. It’s almost blinding. I don’t trust her. She is head over heels in love with him, and she hates that Anna is cheating on him. But in this episode, we learned that he has cheated before. There is so much trouble and turmoil in this marriage, I gotta ask, why are they still together? Granted, I do see some chemistry still there at random moments, but it seems like this whole thing is more trouble than its worth. I’m thinking she wants to keep him on a short leash and I wonder why. She obviously doesn’t trust him.

But she was in a frantic panic when she went to tell her boyf, Nate, about her new discoveries. Was that because she was upset about thinking he may have had an affair or because she can’t be the lawyer who is married to a killer? The entire episode had us believing that he knew more than he was letting on, with the cell phone scenes. What is your take on the episode?

This episode case was a story of a man who was framed by his daughter for the murder of his second wife. This guy is a CREEP. Tell me he made you very uncomfortable too. The daughter was a weirdo as well, but with a name like Eloise, I can see why she’s a little off the grid mentally. I refuse to believe that people in the real world actually name their child Eloise and not expect to make a ruckus at the Plaza Hotel. The two puppies showed some wild promise of claws beginning to come out in this episode. Or shall I say, a dorsal fin? You know, Lawyers are sharks and all that.

By the way, Is Wes trying to make a run for it, with Rebecca? This coupling is so very strange.

Speaking of puppy dog Wes, someone needs to let the makeup artist on that show know that he is wearing WAY too much bronzer. He looks like a copper statue. Puppy dog Laurel, is giving me a bad vibe. She is kind of strange, as well. She gives me the impression that she is going to cry all the time on this show. We do not need another Claire Danes. Now that I think of it, everyone on this show is weird as hell. And the names given to these characters are something that takes getting used to.

I know this show is trying to be mysterious but I’m getting pretty annoyed with the unanswered questions and the back and forth of the past and future. Rebecca obviously has something to do with Lila Stangards death. But why is Annalise’s hubby dead now? Do you think he killed her? Or maybe he found out that Rebecca killed Lila Stangard? How did the other students get involved?

I still like the show a lot. I didn’t enjoy this episode as much as the pilot, but it definitely shows promise. What did you think of this week’s episode?

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