How to Get Away with Murder 2×01 ‘It’s Time to Move On’: Onto the next (attempted) murder!


And the final portion of TGIT! Who’s ready for another murder? What else would you expect on a show called HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER? Last we saw Annalise and Frank were pondering who could’ve possibly stashed Rebecca’s limp body under the stairs and suddenly Shondaland went nuts with theories on who, what and how. Lucky for us the producers promised the killer’s identity would be revealed in the premiere and they did not disappoint. Congratulations to Viola Davis on her Emmy win and with how this episode went, it is definitely hers to lose next award season! Here’s “It’s Time to Move On.”


Source: ABC

Source: ABC

The Murder of Rebecca Sutter

We’ll hit this one right off the bat. Who killed Rebecca Sutter? Was it Frank, the proven cleaner? Annalise, the lawyer who preaches how to get away with murder? Wes, the angry lover? Michaela, the loose cannon? Those seem likely, yet in the end it is revealed that none other than Bonnie Winterbottom, yes tiny Bonnie, suffocated and subsequently murdered Rebecca. She explains it was to protect Annalise, but I’m sure part of it was related to the death of the man she was in love with (Sam Keating).

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

The Keating Five

After the disappearance of Rebecca, the Keating Five are all dealing with their own situations while growing increasingly paranoid about if Rebecca will sell them out to the authorities. Here’s what they all have going on.

  • Connor and Oliver are dealing with Oliver’s recent HIV results, but Connor wants to prove his love for Oliver and decides to take their relationship to the next level by moving in together.
  • Michaela decides the best course of action is to reach out to the mysterious number Rebecca texted. Seems Michaela may only be book smart.
  • Asher is apparently spying on Annalise and the team for the ADA in Nate’s murder trial. Does she have something on him?
  • Wes is searching for Rebecca, destined to find her, but Annalise assures him to mind his own business and decides the best thing is to dance with him at a club. What is with the extremely odd tension the writers are building between these characters?

An Old Friend

It appears a new actress will be in a recurring role this season as Famke Janssen guest starred as Eve, a hotshot lawyer that Annalise hopes will take Nate’s case. Turns out Eve is not only an old colleague of Annalise’s, but an ex as well adding yet another layer to the mysteriously complex character of Annalise Keating. After a steamy night of reuniting, Eve takes the case and plans to help Nate out of his predicament. Even after learning that Annalise is hiding the complete truth from her she still accepts the job.

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

Whodunit 2.0

Finally, the season arc. Last year it was the murder of Lila. This time around it will be the trial of Caleb and Catherine, adoptive siblings who are accused of killing their parents with their aunt placing them at the crime scene. After manipulating her way onto the case, Annalise tells the siblings that she will help prove their innocence no matter what hinting at her own situation as proof of her work (she basically admits she was an accomplice in her husband’s murder, no big deal or anything). Seems their biggest concern is the aunt’s testimony. But oh wait, the aunt is found with her throat slashed in her car conveniently after Caleb returns home from a jog.

The Final Minutes

After the aunt’s death, and Bonnie’s secret you think the episode would be over right? Well you are oh so wrong as the aunt’s death isn’t a big enough cliffhanger for a Shondaland show. So fast forward a few months to the siblings’ manor where a gun shot is heard. A man is seen running out of the estate, it’s Wes! He runs off and we are shown what happened inside the manor. Annalise lies on the ground in a pool of her own blood, clinging to life. WHAT?!

Personally I do not think it was Wes who did this, although the narration accented ‘Lover’ at this point adding an even weirder vibe to their relationship. To me the people in question are Asher/Bonnie given his mole status in the group and Bonnie would probably kill to protect him, Eve after learning about Annalise’s role in Sam’s murder or the siblings because for all we know they are some crazy serial killers.

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

What questions did this episode answer:

  • Rebecca was killed by none other than little Bonnie Winterbottom. How many of you suspected that?
  • Well we know this season is going to revolve around something other than Rebecca’s ‘disappearance.’

What questions does this episode leave us with for the season finale:

  • Were you surprised Bonnie was the killer?
  • Will Eve and Annalise get back together?
  • Will Asher sell them out?
  • Who shot Annalise?

What did you think of “It’s Time to Move On“? Was the season premiere enticing enough to keep you interested? Also what should we call the fandom for this show? I mean Scandal has Gladiators so does that make us… Murderers? Let me know in the comments below!

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