How To Get Away With Murder 1×01 – Pilot: In the law office with the statuette

Last night was the premiere of the highly anticipated show, ‘How to Get Away with Murder’. And all the anticipated was well-deserved. Perhaps, I’m biased because I absolutely adore anything that has to do with Shonda Rhimes, but either way, I digress. This show is going to go far. I can already see that with just the pilot episode. Usually, shows take another approach, and introduce characters in the Pilot leaving us to decided whether or not we will watch next week, but there is no doubt about it. If you watched the Pilot of this show, chances are, you’ll be coming back next week. We not only got character introductions, we also got to know their personalities, we got a full storyline in one episode, and we learned how the show works. There was moments where I said, “OH MY GOD” out loud, and you know you did too! Don’t even try to deny it!Professor Annalise Keating(Viola Davis) is NO JOKE. And her students are off to a quick start with trying to get away with murder only 3 months into her class. During the first classroom scene, the professor tells a student to not interrupt another student’s learning process and at that moment, I think we can all agree that she is a great teacher. Her students on the other hand, are annoying as hell.

Shonda always has a plan for her characters, so we will see some great development from all of them, in the future, but as of right now, its 2 inflated egos, and 2 puppies.  Egos are Connor Walsh(Jack Falahee) and Michaela Pratt(Aja Naomi King): know-it-all competitors to the highest degree. Puppies are Laurel Castillo(Karla Souza) and Wes Gibbins(Alfred Enoch): they will prevail and come out on top, we all know its coming.

As for the teach, so far, we’ve learned, she will stop at nothing to win a case and she is a saucy little minx with a hidden agenda. Her husband, Sam Keating(Tom Verica), is apparently also a professor…and..spoiler alert… the victim of the students little murder issue they have on their hands. Nate Lahey(Billy Brown; why does that name sound familiar) is her boyfriend. Puppy #1 Wes, caught Annalise and her boyfriend, Nate doing the nasty before even realizing she was married. The look Professor Keating gives Wes when they were around her husband is hilarious. Her face just screamed, “I wish you would.”

She was plotting how to get away with his murder in her head at that very moment. I feel like this relationship is going to cause more problems. Especially the way, Annalise was pretty much manhandling Wes in the bathroom, during her cry fest asking for his forgiveness. We all know that was an act right? Keating is good.
She also has the two assistants, but I honestly don’t care enough about them just yet. Just keep in mind, that the guy, whatever his name is, and Laurel Castillo are probably gonna pork.

This show is exactly what ABC needed. It’s different. and ABC seems to be good at stepping outside the box when it comes to picking shows. CBS and NBC can go on with their broken-record-cop-dramas. But This show is a breath of fresh air, and with no pun intended, I believe this show will actually be the death of me or my sanity.
This is not a recap, you can find a recap on every other website, these are my thoughts and my own. With that said, What did you think about this pilot? Do you think the show will last? Is it possible for Shonda to do any wrong?


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