House of Lies 4×10 ‘Prasie Money! Hallowed Be Thy Name’: “We have burger lettuce.” | Gotta Watch It!

House of Lies 4×10 ‘Prasie Money! Hallowed Be Thy Name’: “We have burger lettuce.”

Episode 401

Marty and his gang are back in hot water this week as a deal that’s slated to go through gets the kibosh from Denna. The ugly Clyde-Doug-Kelsey love triangle comes back into focus as well, hopefully for the last time. Plus, Roscoe’s dance with the devil finally catches up with him.

Well, just as I predicted Denna has finally gotten in Marty Kaan’s way, just like practically every person he meets in his life. That’s actually one major aspect of the show that bothers me: must Marty always make enemies? Goodness. Before the major fiasco happens things are coming up roses for Kaan and Associates. They’ve turned a double-digit profit over the past month and have bought three boutique consulting firms to consolidate into their brand name. Marty remarks that it’s their golden age, their renaissance and I’d have to agree. Next up on the docket? Shag Burgers, a well-known local Californian burger chain *cough In-and-Out cough* wants to global and Marty is more than happy to assist them in this endeavor. The only issue? Denna isn’t thrilled with this deal because her corporate umbrella includes McDonald’s which would be a major problem for her if they found out one of her companies was behind this deal. So she tells Marty to sabotage the deal which he’s resigned to do, until pride gets in the way and he lies to Mr. Sullivan, the ultra-conservative owner of Shag Burgers to earn his business. Of course, Denna finds out and tells Mr. Sullivan what’s up and also mentions that Marty has a gender fluid son. Don’t go messing with Marty, child. Just don’t.

Meanwhile, Doug and Clyde are still messing with the soap opera that is Kelsey and she still can’t decide between the two of them. When Clyde buys her some sweet concert tickets for her birthday and Doug comes up empty-handed it looks like the tide might be turning in his favor. Later on that night, Clyde and Kelsey are about to get down and dirty when he smells Doug’s cologne on her sheets and tells her he doesn’t want to share her anymore. Kelsey agrees surprisingly and I guess they’re dating now? Clyde seems pretty upset to hear the news despite the fact that he was a huge needy jerk the whole time they were “dating.”

Roscoe’s side business of selling counterfeit handbags finally catches up with him. One of his fellow classmate’s mothers finds out that the “Valentino” bag her daughter bought was fake and ends up getting Roscoe into a lot more trouble than he could’ve anticipated. Not only does he have to give the money back, but now he’s being threatened with expulsion and all his friends know his secret. Yuck, might be time to start over somewhere new yes?

So what did you guys think of this episode? I really liked it and I think we’re going to see some major changes at Kaan and Associate’s soon. Tell me what you thought in the comments!

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