House of Lies 4×09 ‘We’re Going to Build a Mothership and Rule the Universe’


Hey there guys! So what’s happening in the super messed up world of Marty Kaan this week? Well, despite having sold 60% of his company to Denna, his new squeeze (?), everything seems to be coming up roses. Business is booming, Gage Motors and Ellis Hightower seem to be leaving well alone (we’ll see how long that lasts) and his relationship with Jeannie seems to be improving considerably. Thankfully we’re spared the Clyde-Doug-Kelsey love triangle this week, although we do have to see more of Clyde’s horrible father. Yuck.

So yeah, after stupidly letting Denna invest and buy into his and Jeannie’s company, Marty seems to realize his mistake once Denna sends in some business guy to “help” Marty run his company more efficiently and “turn it around.” Uh-huh. This super weird guy is followed around by two even weirder and silent people who don’t do anything but look creepy. Perfect! When Marty and the gang try to include them in their meeting, they all kind of blow it off and act like it’s not that important. This leads to everyone being pretty upset, especially when they want to be included in the next consult.

During the consult, it looks like Marty is losing control so his new “business mentor” steps in and tries to “help” him by showering him in all kinds of useless platitudes that he calls wisdom. Of course Marty isn’t buying a word of it and makes the guy look like a total idiot in the meeting which comes back to bite him in the butt later when he’s trying to save face with Denna. Man, Marty is just having a heck of a time trying to run his company with all of these outside forces. OH, and the fact that in just three short weeks, he’s about to be a father again.

Jeannie gets invited over to dinner at the Kaan household by Marty’s father Jeremiah, who thinks it’s time they include Jeannie in the family since she’s about to become a more permanent part of it. Marty is less than thrilled at first, but when he sees how touched Jeannie is by all of the warmth and hospitality his family offers her, his heart softens and he tells Jeannie that it’s time they put the past behind them and keep their stuff together for the kids. Could these two finally be burying the hatchet? I sure hope so, this whole “oh I hate you Jeannie” stuff is getting really old. Yeah, she sent you to prison, big whoop Marty. One of you would’ve ended up in there anyway.

So what did you guys think of the episode? I was happy to see some progress on the Marty and Jeannie front at least. Tell me what you thought in the comments below!

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