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House of Lies 4×08 ‘He Didn’t Mean That, Natalie Portman’: Fire in the hole.

Episode 406

Marty and his associates gear up for some serious revenge against Ellis Hightower this week. After last week’s episode where tensions were running very high, Marty and his team scramble to find an ace and get back the edge in their fight against thieving and terrible Ellis Hightower. There’s also a new love triangle forming (blech) well actually, possibly two (double blech) between several members of Kaan and Associates.

Back at his deluxe penthouse in the sky, Marty and his new partner in crime/the bedroom Denna (sp?) are about to take things to the next level but Marty just can’t stop stewing over Hightower and his dirty schemes. For those who don’t remember, Ellis Hightower cheated Marty and his team out of a $10 million dollar payout last episode by simply refusing to pay for the work that Marty and his consulting firm did for him which ultimately saved his company. Of course this leaves them feeling pretty upset and back at the office, Marty decides to put the issue to Jeannie, Clyde and Doug: how will they get back at Hightower? But Marty ultimately comes up with the plan to drive the stock price down on Hightower’s new booming business by leaking footage of him peeing all over Gauge motor’s new hybrid and also an employee that helped build it. Denna agrees to represent the wronged parties in this case (I guess she’s a big fancy corporate lawyer lady? I forget really) and it becomes big business news, driving down Hightower’s stock as Marty had hoped it would. Hightower does not take kindly to this and decides to come and vandalize Marty’s office, to which Marty and the gang decide to just let him do it. I guess if he’s going to go crazy some more it will only lead to more bad publicity right?

Oh and those love triangles I mentioned? Well Doug decides to break things off with Kelsey, even though he still really likes her, and tries to convince her to try dating Clyde instead because he feels so guilty for some stupid reason? Well Kelsey takes him up on his offer and ends up screwing Clyde on Marty’s couch which thankfully gets set on fire by Hightower. Once Doug finds out that they hooked up, he’s pretty upset even though he orchestrated the whole thing, and goes to ask Kelsey if they can still hook up. She tells him yes even though he’s way too clingy for her and um…I guess they’re all sort of doing eachother now? Ew. Oh and the other love triangle? Probably between Jeannie, Denna, and Marty but that hasn’t come to pass yet, I’m just predicting it might.

So what did you guys think of tonight’s episode? I thought it was pretty good. Let me know what you thought in the comments!

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