House of Lies 4×07 ‘The Next Olive Branches Goes Straight Up Your A**’: Or how Marty got his groove back | Gotta Watch It!

House of Lies 4×07 ‘The Next Olive Branches Goes Straight Up Your A**’: Or how Marty got his groove back


Things have been on the up and up for Khaan and Associate’s as of late so of course something is about to come along and burn that all down. Marty has made a lot of enemies and Jeannie points out early on that he’s done some pretty unforgivable stuff over the years and Marty agrees. You’ll never guess who comes back to bite him in the butt…okay maybe you will. First let’s get Clyde and Doug’s character development for the episode out of the way…

Clyde is super peeved that he has to go pick up his wretched father in the middle of rush hour traffic and no one has any sympathy for him. After picking up his dad they have quite the conversation in the car: his dad is dying from stage four pancreatic cancer. Oh and he’s still doing drugs which I guess is a thing that he’s known for? The show doesn’t make it clear. What is clear is that Clyde continues to suck. Doug on the other hand? He manages to hook up with Kelsey which as we know, will only cause more problems between him and Clyde. Plus Doug is going through a nasty divorce and is super needy which Kelsey doesn’t seem cool with. Yikes.

So on to the meat and potatoes of the episode. Marty is flying high again and saving Gauge Motors has definitely saved his company’s reputation. All kinds of new clients are coming through the door which is excellent news. But the thing that everyone is super excited about is the huge payday coming from none other than Ellis Hightower himself. Meanwhile, Jeannie and Marty have a very tense standoff where she tells

Source: Showtime

Source: Showtime

him she’ll be staying on with the company whether he likes it or not. Marty isn’t super happy about this and it looks like it could end in litigation for these two. He also finds out about Roscoe’s habit of selling fake designer handbags on the side and even though he tells him to stop, he does seem impressed by the kid’s ingenuity.

The hours tick by and still no payday from Ellis. Marty starts to get pretty nervous and blows up Ellis’ phone until he finally answers. Ellis tells him he’s not getting his payday, in fact, he tells Marty the fact that he saved Khaan and Associate’s reputation is payment enough and that’s that. Funny thing for a guy like Ellis to say especially considering he’s supposed to be Marty’s friend. Of course K&A shows up to try and combat this injustice but Monica is already there and tells them all to beat it. Marty has a flashback to when he was in prison and we see that Monica got snubbed by him when she wanted to take Roscoe to fashion week with her which leads us to the title of this episode. She says some pretty awful things to Jeannie and Jeannie just punches her in the face. Haha, it’s about time Monica!

So what did you guys think of this episode? I really liked it, I think it was the most entertaining of the season thus far. Tell me what you thought in the comments!

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