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House of Lies 4×06 ‘Trust Me, I’m Getting Plenty of Erections’: Jeannie’s gotta go.


Aaaaand here we go again with the Marty back in prison flashbacks. Just as I predicted, we get to see a lot more of Marty as a convict. Specifically we get to see Roscoe and Marty’s relationship deteriorate even further as well as his relationship with Jeannie who may be leaving for a new start up very soon. It seems pretty obvious that Marty wants nothing to do with Jeannie’s new baby which is making her pretty upset considering that he’s the father. The one thing going right this episode? Khan and associates have driven Ellis Hightower’s stock prices back up to almost $200 a share.

During a morning meeting with her new start up clientele, Jeannie has trouble keeping them in line but ends up getting offered a job by Kelsey, the brains behind the whole organization. I mean, I don’t blame Kelsey for wanting some help from Jeannie considering that her company is mostly made up of moronic surfer dudes filled to the gills with drugs. Having someone like Jeannie on the team to whip them into shape would be a huge asset and considering how Jeannie is sort of on a job hunt now anyway…

Meanwhile she and Marty hit yet another rough patch when she informs him that she’ll be getting an ultrasound today and he doesn’t seem too keen on joining her. Of course this doesn’t go over well with Jeannie who’s just trying to get Marty involved in the life of his new baby girl. Later, Marty and Roscoe sit down to have a much needed heart to heart since Roscoe has been skipping a lot of school, partying a bit too hard, and possibly selling drugs. Roscoe tells Marty he should be more involved with Jeannie since he hasn’t really acknowledged this new child at all and he just doesn’t seem happy. I’ll admit I miss the old jovial Marty. You know the guy who was always smiling and cracking jokes? Serious Marty is just depressing and a little bit scary at times. Hopefully he’ll come to his senses soon about his situation with Jeannie.

The stock points are steadily climbing for Khan and Associates! If they hit $200 soon they’ll be awarded a 9.2 million dollar bonus. Not too shabby for a company that was just barely hanging by a thread at the beginning of the season. Of course they do hit their mark which is great news for everyone with the exception of Jeannie. Now that they’ve fulfilled their obligation to Hightower, Marty will supposedly be giving her the boot but something tells me he’s about to have a change of heart and decide to keep Jeannie aboard, only for her to wind up on maternity leave or working for Kelsey.

So what did you guys think of the episode? I think the season is really starting to pick up not and I’m hoping we get to the end of this whole Marty vs. Jeannie crap soon. Tell me what you thought in the comments!

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