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House of Lies 4×05 ‘The Urge to Save Humanity is Almost Always a False Front for the Urge to Rule’


Hey there pilgrims! Marty and the gang are back and they’re still trying to court a partnership between Ellis Hightower and Maya. Everyone attends a fancy garden party/silent auction for Maya’s charity, One Child One Spirit, to try and pretend that everyone is getting along famously but of course everything comes crashing down around them. Is it just me or does this season seem more dramatic than the past three?

So the whole crew is at this fancy garden party for the entire episode right? Well everyone ends up botching what they came for. Clyde and his new start-up sidekick Kelsey are looking to secure some seed money for their Uber like app for doctors that’s going to revolutionize the medical world. Doug is very keen on helping but Doug is a bumbling idiot so his help doesn’t go very far. Especially when Kelsey tricks him into chasing down the wrong 15-year-old child genius to help start-up their company and who he ends up buying alcohol and cigarettes for. Luckily, Doug comes to his senses and never hands over the illicit goods but he does make a complete fool of himself in the process. Meanwhile, Clyde decides to be an idiot and tries to woo Kelsey into a date with him. She’s pretty upset by it and shuts him down right away which then prompts Clyde to sulk and be even more of a moron. Get it together dummy! The good news? Kelsey does manage to somehow secure their seed money for the start-up. Now, let’s see if this app ever gets up and running. Somehow I think it will which will lead Marty to running his failing company on his own accord.

Meanwhile, Marty and Jeannie try to sway Earth mama Maya to merge her company with Ellis’ lest she be bought out by one of the largest oil subsidiaries in the world. So basically it’s a lose-lose situation for Maya personally, but everyone else stands to gain a lot from this. Despite Jeannie telling Maya that Ellis has changed for the better, Ellis shows up and decides to prove her wrong by calling Maya all kinds of horrible names and basically just being an enormous jerk in general. Maya soon catches wise that she may have been set up to fail and ends up pulling the deal away from Khan and Associate’s altogether. Uh-oh. I wonder how they’ll salvage this horrible relationship next episode. Or will they?

So what did you guys think of this week’s episode? I liked it, although it definitely lagged in places and I’m getting kind of sick of this whole Ellis Hightower subplot and how he’s a horrible person. Plus I just really want to see Marty get his groove back. Tell me what you thought in the comments below!

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