House of Lies 04×03 ‘Entropy is Contagious’: Don’t drink and text.


This week on House of Lies, Marty is still having an enormous amounts of personal and professional problems. Doug and Sarah are still trying to conceive, and she’s getting quite creepy about it. Clyde is having a personality crisis because he’s a jerk. Jeannie and Marty are still at odds over how to handle their newest clients and end up clashing big time over a skin care line. Funny stuff ensues.

Marty and Jeannie track down a new skin care client called Krolls in Seattle and bring along the time to go consult with them. On one hand, Marty is trying to convince them to go big or go home and Jeannie is trying to convince them to sell. This leads to a spirited conversation between them during the consult and end up blowing their business deal because they scare them off. Later, Jeannie tries to ask Marty about the baby and he just sort of brushes it off. She is pretty devastated by his reaction, or lack thereof. While at dinner with his family later, Marty’s brother blows his cover and Roscoe ends up finding out about Marty’s baby with Jeannie. He doesn’t take it well, and there’s a huge blowout.

Source: Showtime

Source: Showtime

Will they ever be able to reconcile their differences?

Doug and Sarah have been trying to have a baby for quite a while and now Sarah is going after his collectible Star Wars dolls. They’re having sex constantly and apparently Doug isn’t super happy with it because she’s so intense. While in Seattle, he, Marty, and Clyde get wasted on absinthe and he ends up texting her a very long message about how horrible she is, despite many warnings from Clyde and Marty not to do it. Sarah is not pleased and drains his bank accounts in revenge. She also moves all of their furniture out of their house and is running around their neighborhood naked. Meanwhile, Clyde chats up a cute tech girl who just so happens to have an excellent idea for an app. Looks like this could be the next big venture for Khan and Associate’s. Or, could this be the job that  takes Clyde away from K&A for good?

So what did you guys think of this episode? I thought it was pretty funny although it was pretty dramatic too. Let me know in the comments below!

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