House of Lies 04×02 ‘I’m a Mother***king Scorpion, That’s Why.’: Preemptive child services


Wow, Showtime sure is pushing out these new episodes quickly. With little to no warning either. I wonder what’s up. Anyway, this season started off strong, let’s hope the show keeps it that way. Marty is still trying to rebuild the company that Jeannie wrecked while he was away. We also get some more flashbacks to his time in prison, as I predicted. Jeannie is still eating a lot of humble pie and Clyde and Doug are whiny. What else is new?

The old gang is back together at the airport, getting ready to zip off somewhere and screw over some more people. Doug and his incredibly annoying wife Sarah are having fertility issues and she decides to ask Jeannie if she can adopt her unborn child. Understandably, Jeannie is just a little miffed by this suggestion and while Marty and Clyde standby laughing and recording the ordeal on their phones, she and Sarah trade words. Sarah argues that Jeannie will be a terrible mother, which I honestly can see why she would think that, but Jeannie isn’t parting with her baby. She also quips that Jeannie should think of her and Doug of preemptive child protective services since that’s surely where Jeannie’s baby will end up. Hilarious, but not so much to Jeannie. Sorry, Doug, guess you’ll just have to keep trying to get Sarah pregnant!

Source: Showtime

Source: Showtime

During some prison flashbacks, Marty is assigned to a very annoying cell mate named Gabe who is obsessed with the boy genius/business guru Ellis Hightower. Marty tells Gabe that Ellis is so over, because his own company is trying to push him out. When Gabe tells Ellis about Marty’s theory, he’s quite upset and confronts Marty about it. Marty convinces him that he’s being played by Dante Valerio, the current owner and Ellis decides to hire him as a consultant. Marty seems pretty reluctant, but we already know from the last episode that he ends up accepting the offer.

While on the plane, Marty and Jeannie are still skating around on thin ice around each other. While she’s trying to talk to him about Roscoe, Marty suddenly tells her the parable of the Scorpion and the Frog, and then tells her she’s a scorpion and a liar that deserves no mercy basically. Ouch! They also run into Monica who’s on her way to another potential client and she really gives them the business. Monica also questions Jeannie about the father of her baby that lives in New York and Jeannie tells her she’ll be moving closer to him soon when the baby comes. Then, in a surprise that everyone saw coming, Jeannie admits to Marty that she’s lying and that he’s truly the father of her child. Uh, duh Jeannie. Ugh, anyway now we’ve got a whole new problem: Marty and Jeannie must stay together in business and raise this child together or split up. What do you guys think will happen? Tell me in the comments!

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