House of Lies 04×01 ‘Episode 1′: No more Mr. Nice Guy.


I was quite surprised to see that Showtime released several premieres early this week, including House of Lies. If you’ve never seen it, the show centers around Marty Khan (DON CHEADLE) who runs a Management Consulting firm that basically cons every person they come across. The show also focuses on his associates, Jeanie Van Der Hooven, (KRISTEN BELL) Clyde Oberholt, (BEN SCHWARTZ) and Josh Lawson (DOUG GUGGENHEIM) and they’re assorted hijinks and relationships. I know that sounds sort of boring in a way, but the comedy is on point and the chemistry between Don Cheadle and Kristen Stewart is excellent. So, let’s look at what season four has in store for us…

Marty is free from prison but I have a feeling that we’ll definitely be seeing some flashbacks to that whole ordeal this season. He’s decided to take up the helm at Khan and Associates with Jeannie again despite their very tumultuous relationship and all of her lies. In fact, we do get to see a

Source: Showtime

Source: Showtime

scene with Marty getting a visit from Jeannie in prison, where he tells her he doesn’t necessarily forgive her but will still begrudgingly run the business with her. Jeannie then drops the bombshell that she’s pregnant and it’s not Marty’s baby, but one of her old college boyfriends named Edwin. She apologizes again to him about screwing him over and they get back to work.

Earlier in the episode we see that Jeannie has horribly mishandled the company and that it’s on the brink of destruction. They’re being forces to handle the lowest of the low in terms of clientele which is definitely not helping their situation. Jeannie’s now ready to burst with this baby and we’ll see if it’s Marty’s or not. Something tells me it might be and that Jeannie lied to him yet again. We also see Marty back at work with Clyde and Josh trying to secure a hot new client who he was in prison with. We don’t get too much of an update on Josh and Clyde this episode, it mainly focuses on Marty and Jeannie’s relationship. Also, we see that Roscoe still has his girlfriend from last season and seems to have picked up the extra cool habit of being a jerk to his dad (because he feels entitled to be) and drug dealing. No word yet on whether or not grandpa’s relationship with that 20 something lady lasted from last season. It appears that even though Marty has been out of prison for a while now he’s yet to repair his relationships with anyone, including Jeannie who he asks to leave the company once they’re back on their feet again. Yeah, not so sure she’ll be up to that Marty, considering she owns 50%.

So what did you guys think of the premiere? I really liked it and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for season four!

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