Homeland 4×12 ‘Long Time Coming’: The lying king.


Here we are at the season four finale of Homeland and there’s still so many questions to be answered. What will happen to the rat Dennis Boyd? Is Quinn ever going to stop going rogue? Does Carrie return to the states for her father’s funeral? How is Dar-Adal involved in Pakistani terrorist Haqqani’s plans? Will Saul leave the spying world behind forever (probably not)? Let’s wrap up this excellent season shall we?

We open on Carrie back in the states helping her sister pack up their late father’s items. Our old friend Dar-Adal shows up and tells her that Haqqani is being protected by Pakistani forces. Then he tells her they’ve got to get through some congressional hearings before anything can move forward with taking Haqqani out. We find out that Tasneem has risen to power back in Pakistan and that Saul wants back in with the CIA to make things right which seems like it’ll be easier said than done.

Circling back to Carrie, her estranged mother shows up to pay her respects to their father and Carrie loses it. Looks like we’re going to learn a lot more about her family life than we expected this episode. At the funeral, Carrie pledges to be a better mother. Here’s hoping she

Source: Showtime

Source: Showtime

actually will this time. Then, out of the blue, Quinn shows up at the funeral and Carrie is quite relieved. I should say so, last time we saw Quinn he was probably about to die and had to go further underground to escape. Saul and former Deputy Director Lockhart show up to honor Carrie’s dad and they all just sort of kick it with whiskey and lasagna. Sounds tasty. This might be the chilliest episode of Homeland I’ve ever seen, y’all. The first half of the episode feels like an epilogue to the entire series really. After the gathering has ended, Quinn and Carrie end up making out all over his truck and Carrie tells him their relationship will be doomed right out of the gate. Quinn doesn’t agree and tells her he wants out of the CIA and wants a normal life now. This seems like a huge 180 for him and I immediately became suspicious upon hearing him say that. He even tries to talk Carrie out of leaving the CIA which uh…probably not going to ever happen bro.

Later that night, Carrie is having trouble sleeping and ends up having a change of heart about her mom. She decides to go after her and drive to Missouri to look her in the eye and ask her why she abandoned them so long ago. When she gets to Missouri, which looks more like Kansas in my opinion, she finds her son there from her new family and is thrown for a loop. She decides to go visit her mom at work and her mom seems happy to see her. Carrie is angry that her mother kept this half-brother from her for so long but agrees to meet up with her later.  Meanwhile, Quinn returns to his old hotel haunt and ends up running into his old buddy who hooks him up with people to kill. Whenever Quinn refuses him, it looks like he regrets that decision…I have a bad feeling about this guys.

Dar-Adal meets up with Saul later and asks him to become director of the CIA. Saul looks at him like he’s got bats flying out of his ears but then Dar slides an SD card across the table and tells him that it’s the video of Saul and Haqqani that could get Saul raked across the coals. That must have been why he was hanging out with Haqqani right? Sounds made up to me but Saul looks pretty convinced. Will he be the next deputy director?

Source: Showtime

Source: Showtime

Carrie meets up with her mom and finds out that her mom cheated on her dad multiple times during her marriage until she fell pregnant and left home. The father abandoned her and the baby but Carrie isn’t exactly the one to forgive and forget. She lashes out at her mother and tells her that she had a major bipolar breakdown her first semester of college. Her mother just basically tells her she had to take care of her new family and I’m like…uh yeah but you suck dude, screw that I’d be mad like Carrie too. So Carrie dashes off and decides to call Quinn but can’t get through to his number. Looks like he’s decided to go deep cover again and become an assassin. Again. Carrie is furious and goes to Dar-Adal’s house to contact Quinn but he denies her. She threatens to go to Washington and tell them that she saw him with Haqqani but he tells her there’s no point. Then she sees Saul in the backyard and it appears Carrie has been lied to yet again.

So what did you guys think of this season of Homeland? I actually really enjoyed it and despite critic’s concerns that the show couldn’t carry on or survive without Brody. Tell me what you thought in the comments below!

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