Homeland 4×11 ‘Krieg Nicht Lieb’: Look who’s in the car.


After last week’s craziness who knows what the last two episodes of this season will hold. Will Quinn survive? Will Carrie ever follow a direct order? What is Saul going to do back in the states? Will Haqqani ever be stopped? Can we trust anyone left in Pakistan? Obviously there’s a lot of unanswered questions to account for.  We open on Carrie and Aasar having a heated conversation about the events that transpired last week. 

Aasar tries to assure Carrie that the attack made on the embassy was a coup and that he had nothing to do with it, but, he also tells her she shouldn’t trust anyone in the Pakistani government. Yeah I think she’s learned that lesson the hard way, guy. Carrie heads back to the embassy to assess the damage and salvage what’s left of the intelligence gathered. She tells her staff that they need to find Quinn and Max tells her that might not be possible since he’s gone rogue, but Carrie doesn’t want to hear it. Max is still furious with Carrie over the death of Fara and doesn’t tell Carrie that he knows where Quinn is, but she finds out anyway.

Meanwhile, Quinn is running around Islamabad trying to gather intelligence on Haqqani because he doesn’t want to leave Pakistan

Source: Showtime

Source: Showtime

behind while still under Taliban rule. Carrie finds Quinn and tries to talk him out of looking for him and tells him it’s too dangerous. Quinn spins out of control and ends up assaulting Carrie and the two officers she brought with her to detain him. Wow buddy, way to go. At any rate, it seems Quinn has gone off the deep end but he knows where Haqqani is and one has to wonder: will he meet the same fate as Brody? He’s hanging out with a German lady that he’s been seeing for a while now who’s totally chill with him just making bombs in her kitchen. He also goes to see Aayan’s old girlfriend at the hospital and tells her what happened to him. She’s pretty disturbed but it looks like she’s willing to help Quinn get to Haqqani if necessary.

Back at the embassy, Carrie finds out that her father passed away from a stroke the night before and it hits her pretty hard. I wonder if this will make Carrie reconsider returning to the states so she can be with her daughter and her sister again. Ehhh…probably not but hey, here’s hoping! Deputy Director gives Carrie a call to share his condolences and tells her he’s soon to lose his job and wants to know if she’s heard anything. She hasn’t, but it just seems really odd that Lockhart would be calling her about his possible replacement.

Then, Carrie’s day gets turned upside down yet again by Quinn who releases the tape of Haqqani killing Aayan and a large group of protestors gather to demand that Haqqani be brought to justice. Quinn joins the protestors to get closer to finding Haqqani and blowing him away, knowing full well that this is a suicide mission. The protest becomes violent and the Pakistani army begins fighting back just as the Haqqani supporters up and Aasar goes into make sure nothing gets out of hand when he spots Carrie in the crowd. Quinn takes off and goes to hide on the sidelines waiting for Haqqani to make an appearance so he can detonate the bomb, unaware that Carrie is on the ground until he

Source: Showtime

Source: Showtime

spots her through the crowd and calls her. She tells him to stop this, that he’ll never get away, there’s 300 soldiers just waiting to arrest him. Quinn relents, and decides not to detonate the bomb. Just then Haqqani pops out of the sunroof of his SUV and Carrie sees an opportunity to take the shot herself but Aasar stops her and tells her to look inside the car. It’s our old friend Dar Adal.

So what does this mean? Was he kidnapped? Recruited by Haqqani? I’m sure we’ll find out next week but I’m dying to know now! What a cliffhanger! What did you guys think of this episode? Let me know in the comments below!

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