Homeland 4×10 ’13 Hours in Islamabad”: All is lost.


After the last episode’s explosive finale (pun intended) we’re wondering whether or not Saul and Carrie have managed to survive the blast unscathed. I’m guessing the two front passengers won’t be as lucky. Now that Haqqani has access to the embassy will total chaos reign supreme? Looks like all hell is going to break loose and it appears that someone who Carrie trusted may not be as trustworthy as we’ve been led to believe. We open on a blood spattered Carrie covered in broken glass.

Miraculously, Carrie and Saul both survive the crash and explosion, but as I predicted the other passengers did not. Suddenly they’re under and ambush and right at that moment Quinn tries to let the marines know that they’re being attacked but his contact is killed. Carrie tries calling Aasar for help but he’s with the evil Tasneem and she tells him they’ve got to wait four minutes before they call for help. Aasar is surprised but

Source: Showtime

Source: Showtime

suddenly releases she’s been in league with Haqqani and the terrorists this entire time. Uh, duh! Meanwhile, Saul and Carrie take cover and try to shoot off some suppressing fire but it doesn’t go well. Eventually they’re saved but not before things take a turn for the worse at the embassy.

Speaking of Haqqani he and his team bust into the embassy and start killing the employees off one by one. They’re here for the master list of CIA undercover operatives that Deputy Director Lockhart took from the vault right before getting shot. They end up chasing him down to the vault and line up the remainder of the employees that have survived. Haqqani talks to Ambassador Boyd through the microphone demanding that Lockhart come out and turn over the briefcase. She tells him not to make a move and pretty soon Haqqani starts killing off hostages. The Madame Ambassador tries to convince Haqqani to stop but he just tells her he won’t until Lockhart comes out with the case. He grabs Fara and holds a knife to her throat and then Lockhart decides to come out. Lockhart hands over the case but Haqqani decides to take one more life and kills off Fara. So long my dear, she was always such a sad character, I’m not really surprised that they killed her off this season. Quinn and his marine buddy start firing and kill off most of Haqqani’s men and end up injuring Haqqani himself.

Four hours later, the attack is over and Haqqani has escaped despite Quinn chasing after him. Carrie gets the word from Director Lockhart that the president no longer wants her in Pakistan which isn’t surprising given the amount of times this operation has been screwed up. But, in true Carrie fashion she doesn’t want to leave and wants to stay behind to help some of the operatives so that they don’t get compromised. During this, Ambassador Lloyd goes to visit our favorite rat, Dennis, who is back in the holding cell. She reminds him that thirty-six people died today for his stupidity and he tells her to hand over his belt. Apparently he thinks killing himself will solve all of their problems. The ambassador quickly turns him down but then she changes her mind and slides him his belt. Later, we find out that good ol’ Dennis just couldn’t go through with it. God, this guy is seriously the worst.

Quinn sits down to interrogate Saul to find out what kind of cell phone Haqqani and his men use but Saul is still in shock and can’t

Source: Showtime

Source: Showtime

remember. So then Quinn decides to go all rogue and find out for himself. Deliberately disobeying Carrie’s orders to leave the country, he takes off into the night and runs into our old friend Farhad Ghazi. He takes him hostage to try to get more info out of him about Haqqani and it looks like he’s prepared to torture the poor fellow. Carrie, true to form, decides to stay behind and find Quinn despite a direct order from the President. Yeesh girl, get it together now.

So what did you guys think of this episode? I’m wondering how the season is going to get wrapped up from here but also very excited to see what happens next. Will there be a trial back in the states? You betcha! Will Carrie find Quinn and try to stop him from killing them both? Definitely! Tell me what you thought in the comments!

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