Homeland 4×09 ‘There’s Something Else Going On’: Kaboom


The biggest question every fan of Homeland is asking: Will Saul Berenson make it through this season alive? Well, I’m still not sure. He’s been through the ringer before but never quite like this. Carrie’s mission is quickly going down in flames and she’s having to salvage it at every turn while dragging the rest of the embassy down with her. The CIA is working on plugging the leak that they don’t yet know is Dennis Boyd. America is all set to fork over the prisoners and meet Haqqani’s demands much to the dismay of the Deputy Director.

Carrie is still reeling from sending Saul to quite possibly his death and is working closely with the Deputy Director to make sure America meets Haqqani’s demands. You never quite know what she’s got planned and who knows? Maybe she’ll pull off a major Hail Mary or something and get Saul out with no problem but ehhhh it’s not looking likely. Meanwhile Carrie has her new partner in crime interview Dennis Boyd after learning last night that he’s their primary suspect for a leak. Of course Dennis doesn’t cop to anything and acts like this whole situation is preposterous

Source: Showtime

Source: Showtime

but we all know he’s been in league with Tasneem for quite some time.

When he doesn’t take the first round of questioning seriously Carrie steps up and throws him into a locked hole. She accuses him of poisoning her and stealing files from his diplomat wife. Dennis denies everything and just when it seems like he might be breaking the diplomat comes barging into the room and tells Carrie she’s done here. Little does Dennis know but his wife has been in on the interrogation the entire time. Later Dennis bravely tries to make a run for it but his wife stops him dead in his tracks and throws him into a holding cell. When she visits him later she asks him “How did we end up here?” Dennis tries to defend himself weakly but she’s not having it. Who knows what will become of this big time rat?

Carrie and her gang head to the exchange site to meet up with Haqqani’s men and trade them the prisoners for Saul. When Haqqani’s gang arrives they line the prisoners up and place Saul outside of the SUV complete with a young suicide bomber child. This isn’t the plan and Saul sits down on the ground and gives up. Carrie offers to go help him get back up because he’s very much endangering the mission at this point. She goes up to him and tries to convince him to get up. No dice. Saul tells her that she broke her promise and he won’t have anyone dying for his sake. Carrie tells him he’s a fool for letting a child die for him and that they’re better than this. The two share a very heartfelt moment and then Saul decides to get up. They make the exchange and the convoy begins to head home to the embassy. Just when it seems that the dust has settled, suddenly a large blast goes off and it’s unclear who survived and who didn’t. Carrie and her team were hit pretty badly though and there’s got to be casualties.

Source: Showtime

Source: Showtime

Meanwhile, the diplomat goes down to question Dennis again and he finally tells her Tasneem was his contact and that she wanted to know how Carrie got in and out of the embassy. Shortly after this we see Haqqani and his men break into the embassy amidst the chaos and it looks like they won’t be going anywhere. Oh no…

So what did you guys think of this episode? I really liked it. The whole scene with the prisoner exchange definitely had me on the edge of my seat the entire time. Let me know what you thought in the comments!

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