Homeland 4×08 ‘Halfway to a Donut’: Nothing good can come of this


After last week’s shocking episode I didn’t think this week would be able to top it but it definitely did. This suspense was high and there was a lot more on the line. Saul is still being held in captivity by Haqqani. The American government is still trying to reach an agreement with the Pakistani government on how to handle their negotiations for his release. We open on Carrie waking up in a stranger’s bed.

Carrie wakes up from her crazy night of being drugged and possibly kidnapped in a strange house. It’s the same house from last time only this time we find out that the leader of the ISI, Aasar Khan, is who brought her here and has probably been tracking her. Maybe even looking out for her. But why? Well it’s a good thing he did because apparently someone is out to get Carrie. Hint: it’s probably Dennis Boyd being controlled

Source: Showtime

Source: Showtime

by Tasneem for some unknown reason. I haven’t really trusted her from the start, she seems like she might be trying to overthrow the Pakistani government or at the very least is aiding terrorists like Haqqani. As soon as she’s barely coherent Carrie rushed back to the embassy because they have yet another meeting today with the Pakistani government to discuss more plans to extract Saul.

Speaking of which, we see Saul still locked away in his cell when he notices a nail sticking out of the floorboards just outside his cell. Haqqani puts Saul in from of a live video stream to both the American and Pakistani governments to prove that he’s alright only to have Saul yell at them not to make any deals on his behalf. This gets Saul in trouble and he quickly picks a fight with his captors which gives him a chance to grab for the nail. Once he’s back inside his cell he frees himself after picking the lock to his handcuffs and then pretends to hang himself to his guard will rush to his aid. When he does, Saul chokes him to death and escapes miraculously from Haqqani’s really well guarded compound. Yeah…not sure how that happened. Anyway, he calls Carrie and tells her he’s escaped and that he needs to get out of here but that if things go south not to send him back into captivity, but to blow up every one of the Taliban. Carrie promises to withhold this deal and works on a plan to get him out.

Next thing he knows, Saul is marching twenty miles to the nearest town to meet up with an asset that will help him get free. When Saul arrives it appears that he’s too late and the Taliban start to swarm the area looking for him. While this is happening, Carrie and the Deputy Director Lockhart are sitting in a meeting with the Pakistani government and suddenly Carrie realizes that they know Saul’s position and have sent the Taliban back to get him. She and the director rush down to the control room to see if they can redirect Saul but it’s too late, the entire

Source: Showtime

Source: Showtime

town has been surrounded. Carrie then gets on the phone with Saul and tells him to take a shortcut but Saul knows it’s hopeless and puts a gun to his head. Carrie begs him to stop and that he just needs to go a little further and it’s not impossible. Saul puts the gun down and makes a run for it, only to end right back up where he started, and he is recaptured by the terrorists. “You lied to me!” Saul screams as they carry him away. Carrie is crying and tells Quinn she feels like there’s nothing but wrong choices anymore. Yeah, I’d have to agree with you there Carrie.

Later, Aasar calls Carrie in the middle of the night and arranges a rendezvous with her. They meet up in a car garage and he assures her it wasn’t him who drugged her, but Dennis Boyd. Carrie wants to know why he would tell her this but he isn’t blabbing. Who can she trust now? Seems like no one…The breach continues.

So what did you guys think of this episode? I really liked it. I was biting my nails like crazy during Saul’s thwarted attempt to escape. Tell me what you thought in the comments!

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