Homeland 4×07 ‘Redux’: UGH NO.


After last week’s catastrophic events where are our heroes? Well Carrie is on the move to rescue Saul who’s still being held prisoner by Haqqani and she’s starting to unravel. Deputy Director Lockhart comes to Islamabad to try to sort this mess out. Quinn and Fara are scrambling to make up for lost time. There’s a major MAJOR revelation this episode that I’m kind of fuming over by the way. The entire episode is brilliantly paced and you feel yourself sinking down to the depths with Carrie. Our ambassador friend has quite the situation on her hands with the Director of the CIA, Deputy Lockhart showing up to start negotiations with the Pakistani government. It turns out that Lockhart really doesn’t have any diplomacy tactics and starts throwing accusations left and right towards the government much to the ambassador’s dismay. Lockhart has been given top priority to get Saul out of the country including pulling a monetary package from the government. The president leaves, very upset, and the Ambassador asks Lockhart why she was made a fool of. He just kind of checks his phone and scoffs, what a peach.


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Meanwhile, Carrie and her ilk are off to save Saul after she nearly obliterated him last episode. What she doesn’t know is our old friend Dennis Boyd snuck into her apartment earlier and swapped her medication to something far more nefarious. Is it a knock out drug? A hallucinogenic substance? The show doesn’t make that clear this episode but I’m assuming we’ll find out next time. While at the airport trying to comb through footage and find Saul’s captors Carrie starts flying off the handle. Her speech is sped up and she’s got that manic look in her eye. She starts to recognize the symptoms of another bipolar episode and tries taking more of the fake medication, not knowing that it’s only going to hurt her more. Quinn and Fara are trying to track down Aayan’s old girlfriend/flame that he said goodbye to last episode. They quickly find out that she’s working a twelve-hour shift at the hospital and decide to go down there to ask her about the drugs that Aayan was struggling out of the country. Carrie tags along, all the while becoming more and more manic. When they get to the hospital, things really take a turn for the worse. Suddenly she’s beginning to see things, the air around her is vibrating, and sounds and sights are becoming more vivid and placed in sharp focus. The whole scene is set up in a very uncomfortable and claustrophobic way. When they find the nurse that gave Aayan the drugs, Carrie grabs her by the shoulders and begins shaking her. “I KNOW YOU GAVE AAYAN THE DRUGS!” she screams over and over. Quinn tries to come to the rescue and pull Carrie off of the poor frightened girl but ends up getting a broken nose and a swift kick to the groin. Carrie runs out into the middle of the street with no head scarf and immediately garners a lot of unwanted attention. She’s starting to break down even more now and can barely keep it together, freaking out over the sight of a car or a monkey. A white Volkswagen begins to follow her and she tries to run for it but it’s too late. Carrie draws her weapon and takes aim, firing on her trackers and hitting them both. Except when she turns around to run away it’s revealed that she never had a gun in the first place. Her mind imagined the whole scenario and now the two men are wrestling her to the ground and handcuffing her. They shove her into the car and take off to who knows where. During this, Haqqani is taking Saul on a grand tour of Pakistan and decides to return home to his wife and child because he feels safe enough to do so with Saul in his midst. Saul tries to convince him that he’s not worth anything, but Haqqani already knows that the Director of the CIA is in the country negotiating for his release. When they return to Haqqani’s quarters Saul is shown a lot of hospitality. He meets the family, has dinner, and even gets into a heated argument with Haqqani about religion and doesn’t get killed. Still, Haqqani decides to lock him up for good in a strange room and tells him it’ll all be over soon. Let’s hope so because I’m going to be really upset if Saul dies.

Source: Showtime

Source: Showtime

Ok so here’s what really messed me up this episode: remember how Carrie was kidnapped earlier? Well when she comes to she’s being brought up to a very nice home in the middle of nowhere. After she’s taken inside the first thing she tries to do is escape but she hears someone coming so she takes cover. When he walks through the door she wrestles him to the ground and ta-da! It’s BRODY. I MEAN WHAT!? Carrie flips out even worse and Brody assures her it’s him and that she can calm down now. Of course Carrie is being totally deluded by the drugs she’s on and is actually seeing another man entirely but come on show! Why would you do this to me?? I’m still not over Brody’s death and clearly Carrie isn’t either. UGH. Horrible. So what did you guys think of this episode? That surprising element at the end, even though I knew it was too good to be true, really gave me mixed emotions on it. Tell me what you think in the comments!

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