Homeland 4×06 ‘From A to B and Back Again’: Carrie, you in danger girl.


Looks like Carrie’s mission is back up and running after so many false starts. Quinn and Fara are both giving Carrie some serious side eyes and attitude. Aayan is revealing much more than he should be comfortable with. Dennis Boyd is becoming quite the “spook” at an alarming rate I must say. Things just sort of blast off this episode, which is great because the first four episodes were building up to quite a payoff. We open on two doomed lovers basking in the morning’s sun.

Carrie and Aayan canoodling in bed while going over the details of his new life. This scene gave me the heebie jeebies because it’s another one of those moments as a viewer where you’re like, “Carrie…you in danger girl.” Aayan tells her he needs to go back to the college and collect what few things he still has in this world. Carrie tells him not to take any unnecessary risks but Aayan is sort of prone to breaking things and getting caught. As he’s packing up he’s confronted by his old flame who questions him about where he’s going. He stupidly tells her all of the details but she’s more upset that he didn’t plan on saying goodbye. Uh, lady, your dad is to blame for that. Aayan leaves her brokenhearted and heads back

Source: Showtime

Source: Showtime

to meet up with Carrie at the safe house. That’s when all hell breaks loose.

Aayan gets spotted by a mysterious man, probably ISI, hiding out in front of the college. He tries to lose his tail but fails miserably. Back inside the safe house he tells Carrie what happened and no sooner can Carrie drop the f-bomb and four strange men are breaking into their house. Carrie fights them off and Aayan escapes and gets herself thrown into a van. It’s then we find out that Carrie was behind this entire operation. She’s trying to get Aayan to lead her right to his uncle, Haqqani. One broken nose later Carrie has a surveillance team set up following Aayan around and he boards a bus out of the country heading towards Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, Quinn is trying to keep Carrie’s moral boundaries in check. He tells her that they missed out on a huge drone strike opportunity while she was babysitting Aayan and she flies into a rage. Later in the episode Fara also questions Carrie about her plans. She tells her that she has a problem with putting Aayan into danger and Carrie just goes off. Carrie tells Fara that Aayan is no angel and that she wouldn’t have had to seduce him if Fara would’ve just done her job and recruited him. All of this advice that Carrie keeps blowing off leads to a sense of foreboding. We all know just how much Carrie has lost, but she’s practically not even human anymore. Personally, I’m loving it. I want to see more of ice-cold drone-queen Carrie. Dennis Boyd is lurking off in the distance and hears some of this exchange. He follows Fara back to the old safe house where she’s cleaning up and steals some photos of Aayan and his uncle. He also reveals to his handlers that he took photos of Carrie’s meds and make sure they understand how “messed up” she is. What a snake.

Source: Showtime

Source: Showtime

Back at the surveillance area, Carrie and her team observe Aayan getting off the bus and meeting up with his uncle’s cronies. During the operation, Aayan gives Carrie a call on her cell where he tells her that she’s all he’s been thinking about and he loves her. Carrie looks a little more than disturbed when she answers back “I love you too.” Maybe she has realized that she’s gone too far here? I sort of doubt it. Her comrade comes up to her while she’s doubting herself and tells her that she’s the reason they’re getting so close to Haqqani and that she shouldn’t care what anyone else thinks. I agree, it’s her job. It crosses many boundaries of right and wrong and always will. Why should we be treating Carrie like she can’t handle this situation and countless other tough things after watching Brody die?

A few hours later Aayan is basking in the sun when four armed men approach him. Must be his uncle’s cronies. The whole situation seems off base from the get go and Carrie knows it. When asked if she wants to protect her asset, Carrie replies that everyone is going to get taken out. Haqqani does appear and Carrie has her team ready their weapons. Haqqani tells Aayan he’s been played and that there’s a drone circling ahead waiting to blow them all sky-high. He also reveals his trump card: a kidnapped Saul. Carrie and Quinn watch helplessly and Haqqani thanks his nephew for saving his life then shoots him in the head. They get ready to leave in three separate SUV’s and Carrie orders the shot to be fired. Quinn cancels to order and grabs Carrie who’s turned into a shaking mess saying, “That’s SAUL down there.” She storms out back to her office and wrecks the place. Even for Carrie that was a pretty low move. Wait until Saul hears about this!

So what did you guys think of the episode? I loved it. Full of intrigue and excitement. I’m really surprised Aayan was killed off this soon, but eh? He was really getting on my nerves anyway and he served his purpose. Well, kind of. Tell me what you thought in the comments below!

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