Homeland 4×05 ‘About a Boy’: A tall order

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This week, Carrie is scrambling to keep her flighty asset under control while also having unrealistic expectations about what he’s ready to share. Quinn is still a lovelorn puppy who’s uncontrollable emotions are starting to get a little annoying. Fara is a reluctant spy and Saul has the rookie blues. I’ve read a lot of really negative press so far about this season but I’m finding the stories compelling and can’t wait to see what happens next.

There’s lots of trouble in paradise as Carrie and her new asset/love interest Aayan wake up next together in the safe house. Aayan is feeling remorseful because what he and Carrie are doing is against his faith and he begins to pack up. Carrie finds him mid-pack and screams at him “You walk out that door and you will be grabbed up. Disappeared. Do you understand?” Aayan takes her word for it and decides to stay for now. Carrie convinces him to sit down for an interview and begins by asking him some pretty tough questions. Just when Aayan starts to relax she really goes for the jugular and tells him that there’s a rumor floating around that his uncle might not really be dead. Aayan is very upset by this and stammers that it isn’t true, that he’s seen the body of his dead uncle. His overreaction definitely peaks Carrie’s interest and she sort of

Source: Showtime

Source: Showtime

suggests that maybe his uncle knew that the air strike was coming. Way to go Carrie, now Aayan is super worked up and doesn’t want to continue with the interview. You’ve got to admire Carrie’s spirit to get to the honest truth even if it does destroy things around her constantly (mainly people’s lies.)

Meanwhile, Quinn and Fara are on a stake out right across from where Fara discovered that Haqqani is still alive.  While setting up, Quinn pulls out a gun and Fara gets very nervous. “In case Haqqani does show” Quinn tells her. Fara tells him that she thought this was just a stake out and that she was just going to be playing a journalist for Carrie, not a spy. Quinn tells her that she’s good at what she does and she shouldn’t be afraid. They also make small talk about how long Carrie and Quinn have known each other and you just feel Quinn’s lower lip quivering in sadness because they aren’t a couple. Will people just stop speculating on their relationship status, including Quinn? It’s never been cute and now it’s kind of annoying. They’re a horrible match for each other! If anything Fara and Quinn make a much better match. Or that landlady and Quinn from the first few episodes.

Saul and Carrie meet up and she tells him she’s got three days to crack Aayan and get him to sing about Uncle Haqqani. Saul tells her that’s a tall order and heads back to the airport. While there, he sees Farhad Ghazi getting ready to walk through security and probably leave the country for good. He makes chase and leaves Carrie a message letting her know what’s happening. Saul follows him to a men’s restroom and two mysterious fellows exit right after he goes in. When Saul goes to investigate he finds Farhad waiting for him with a huge needle and knocks him out. Come on Saul, this is amateur hour. Turns out that the shadowy woman from last episode was behind the whole kidnapping. Oh yeah, and the ambassador’s incompetent husband, Dennis Boyd, is still in hot water. He tells his wife he won’t be leaving but she already knows that. He steals a key from his wife and uses it to break into Carrie’s apartment to gather information about her. Dennis learns that Carrie has a child and is on psychotropic drugs and takes lots of photos.

Source: Showtime

Source: Showtime

We also see Carrie and Aayan back to normal and it’s sharing time. Carrie opens up to him about her past, including the fact that she’s a mother (although Aayan saw the caesarian scar right away ‘cause he’s a doctor) and that the father of her child is dead. She tells him he was killed in the line of duty, which is kind of true, and not that he was a traitorous American turned martyr. Aayan comforts her while she cries and they end up back in bed together. Only this time Carrie starts crying and they stop. Is she falling for Aayan? I mean she knows he’s hiding something and that is sort of her MO for what she finds attractive in men.

Haqqani leaves his hideout and Quinn and Fara are on it sans Carrie. Quinn tries contacting Carrie to get a drone placed on him but there’s no reply. Quinn looks pretty jealous and probably knows what Carrie is getting up to. They follow him to a checkpoint and Fara attempts to put a tracker on his car but is intercepted by the military. They have to abort the mission and Quinn goes to see Carrie in the morning. They have a heated exchange where he accuses her of molesting Aayan and she asks him why he cares. Ouch. Aayan finally seems ready to open up to Carrie and we end the episode with them hugging it out on the roof.

So what did you guys think of this episode? I thought it was pretty good. A little slow maybe, but not every episode can be action packed. Some have to move the story along. Tell me what you thought in the comments below!

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