Homeland 4×04 ‘Iron In the Fire’: “This is how we begin.”


Alright guys, I know this season of Homeland is well under way, so I’m going to recap a little. I’ll go over the first three episodes briefly and mix in my review of this episode. My first impression of this season is very positive, and I’m excited with the direction the show is taking. With Showtime’s less than stellar track record, it’s surprising to see a show keep its momentum after the first three seasons.

With the loss of Brody last season (I’m still reeling), many critics felt that Homeland was at its end. That there was no more story to tell, and that Carrie couldn’t go on without him. However, when we check in with Carrie, she’s become an ice-cold drone queen with her humanity gradually slipping away. I think we might even go an entire season without seeing her have a mental breakdown you guys! Now, of course there’s nothing wrong with having mental illness; but the way the show has treated her bipolar disorder in the past is somewhat suspect. As much as I miss Brody, and I loved their relationship together despite how unhealthy it could be, I think Carrie can really shine this time without standing in his

Source: Showtime

Source: Showtime

shadow. Their love child, Fanny, is happy and healthy, and she lives with Carrie’s sister. This is probably the best outcome for that poor kid as I think Carrie may be suffering from PTSD and possibly postpartum depression.

Carrie has also been promoted to station chief out in Pakistan and is currently residing in the American embassy. She’s made some new friends and enemies already.

Including the American Ambassador, who’s husband is selling her top-secret documents to spies. This episode she’s recruited Quinn to help launch an independent investigation into the CIA’s current director. Speaking of Quinn, he’s been on a bit of a PTSD-induced bender himself for some time. After a blossoming romance back in the states, plenty of brawling, and way too much drinking, he’s decided to give in to Carrie’s demands and succumb to his killer instincts. Carrie is on the hunt for one, Farrad Ghazi, who may have been involved in a cover up to kill off the last station chief in Islamabad.

She’s also in the process of recruiting a young man named Aayan who just watched his family get blown up by a US drone to get his story out there. She’s working on getting him asylum and believes his holding back on intelligence that could be useful to her investigation. Turns out

Source: Showtime

Source: Showtime

that Aayan is a buyer of drugs from shadowy nurses, and it would appear he’s selling. Or so that’s what Carrie thought. Turns out he’s bringing them to his uncle who is supposed to have been killed in that drone strike. On top of all that, Saul is being the strong father figure to Carrie again. Telling her what to do, and that she sucks at life. Well, whatever Saul, you hate your life now. He still agrees to try and get her hooked up with someone higher up in the agency to get her some new information. When he gets hooked up to his contact, he asks him why the old station chief, Sandy Bachman, was murdered. This frightens his contact and stirs the pot, just like he and Carrie wanted.

Little does Carrie know, but the man who got demoted so she could become station chief is now tailing her around the city trying to see what she’s up too. Obviously trying to make you guys look like idiots for lying duh! God, Carrie is such a BAMF now. Meanwhile Carrie’s intelligence team is cloning Farrad’s phone and Quinn gets trapped in the apartment with him when he wakes up. Luckily, he gets out of there in time and the clone is successful. When Farrad does get a call, he’s finds out he got made and Carrie springs into action. Quinn has to reign her in, but then she gets a call that Aayan’s uncle is still alive from Farah. Then is dawns on Carrie and Quinn that they’ve been played since the beginning.

So what did you guys think? I loved this episode. Thought it was super suspenseful, great, and I can’t wait to see what happens next time! Tell me what you thought in the comments below!

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