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Hawaii Five-0 5×23 ‘Moʻo ʻolelo Pu’: Where are you Hawaii?

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Before this season’s finale Hawaii Five-0 decides to give us a Kono-centric episode before the hopeful wedding between her and Adam. While Kono is on a traditional boat trip she becomes lost at sea and must survive alone. Meanwhile Five-0 deal with a string of drug store robberies surrounding an old enemy of Chin. There’s trouble in paradise in “Mo’o ‘Olelo Pu.”


Source: CBS

Source: CBS

Sharing Traditions

Before her wedding to Adam, Kono decides to do a solo boat trip around the island as her mother was unable to after having an aneurysm. After friends and family see her off, Kono starts her journey in what she believes will be good weather. Only problem is a major storm has changed course and is going to hit her head on. While the team worries about Kono, they reassure themselves that she will be fine. After the storm, Kono is left with a surfboard and a few supplies. She attempts to contact Chin with her phone, but it got a bit drenched.

Kono in her dehydrated state starts having flashbacks to times in her childhood when her mother was teaching her how to surf. These flashbacks continue to happen giving Kono the drive she needs to survive the perilous sea. After another day, Kono is able get in contact with Chin when she is hit by a new storm. Worried about his cousin, Chin reaches out to the Coast Guard sending just about everyone to search for her. After the storm settles Kono is delirious, having no idea where she is. But using the stars as a guide like her mom taught her, Kono is able to reach the island safe and sound.

Source: CBS

Source: CBS

Daddy Drugmaker

Meanwhile Five-0 is dealing with a string of drug store robberies that resulted in a homicide. Turns out one of the major players in this drug stealing and meth cooking ring is Makai Ikana, a con that Chin put in prison a while ago. The team finds Makai’s lab and arrest him, but find out that he’s being forced to cook to protect his son Carter’s life. As Five-0 investigate further they discover that Carter is the one threatening his father’s life, believing that his father is worthless and he is getting the money he is owed. Five-0 is able to arrest Carter and let Makai go free with Chin telling him to keep moving forward.

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