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Hawaii Five-0 5×22 ‘Ho’amoano’: The TV version of The Hangover

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What is with all these shows recently turning to the soap opera storylines? Estranged family members. Really. Hawaii Five-0 goes away from Grover and Chin’s stories to focus on a reason a lot of people go to Hawaii: Spring Break. Three middle-aged accountants are in Hawaii to get laid, but when they find a dead body in their hotel room their vacation takes a turn for the worse. Meanwhile Jerry witnesses a kidnapping that could be linked to an FBI case. It’s The Hangover for TV and there’s trouble in paradise in “Ho’Amoano.”


Source: CBS

Source: CBS

Partied Too Hard

The episode starts when three men wake up in their hotel room with no memory of the night before. Sounds like someone partied too hard in Hawaii. Things take a turn when a young woman’s body is found in their bathtub. Instead of call the authorities the men decide to try and bury the body and end up getting caught in the act. HPD grab the men and the partly buried body then hand the case over to Five-0. Steve and Danny question the men, but they have some serious amnesia. Problem is the woman had a key to their hotel room. However, it turns out the men created 18 keys and gave them out to women in the hope of getting laid. Does that stuff seriously happen? Turns out the guys just came to Hawaii during Spring Break to get laid with some college girls, even though they’re married and fathers.

Steve and Danny retrace the steps of the men since they arrived on the island and discover they were not getting the intention they hoped for. With the lack of game they had it was unlikely they charmed this girl into coming to their room. They soon discover the woman’s name was Rebecca and eventually the events of the evening unravel before them. The men did give her a card, but there would be no reason as to why she came to their room. Turns out she was supposed to meet her father for the first time the following morning, a meeting she was not going to miss. Her father paid Rebecca’s mother to stay quiet about their affair until he became ill and wanted to meet his daughter. Five-0 soon discovers that Rebecca was murdered by her half-brother who would have lost half his inheritance to this new sibling. She was being followed and hid in the hotel room where she was killed before she could meet her father.

Source: CBS

Source: CBS

Witness Protection

Meanwhile Jerry ends up being a witness to a kidnapping during a delivery for Kamekono. He later finds the body of the kidnapper and reports it to Five-0. Chin and Kono end up working this case as the woman is wanted by the FBI for sex trafficking. As they continue their investigation Chin and Kono are able to capture a big name human trafficker on Jerry’s tip. This leads to Jerry receiving special recognition from the city for his help in the case. Good job big man. He wears a Kamekono shirt during his ceremony to make up for the botched delivery.

Highlights of the episode:

  • Max and his crazy past in Mexico.
  • Jerry helping out yet again in a big way.
  • The three men reminded me more of the movie Hall Pass than The Hangover.

What did you think of this episode of Hawaii Five-0? Were you satisfied or disappointed? Let me know in the comments below!

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