Hart of Dixie 3×13 ‘Act Naturally’: Overbearing mom alert

It’s Zoe’s birthday and Joel wants to throw her a party even though she doesn’t want one. Lavon and Annabeth are mourning their breakup. Lavon is overcooking & Annabeth rejoined the Belles via a beg from Cricket.
Having not received an invitation to any other holidays, Zoe’s mom, Candace(JoBeth Williams), made the executive decision to show up in Bluebell unannounced. Because of this, Zoe begs Joel to cancel the party but Lavon has taken an interest in decorations as a distraction from his breakup.
The Belles want to remove Cricket as president and make Annabeth president. Annabeth accepts but only if Cricket is her co-president. I thought this was so sweet of Annabeth to do, but how do you think Lemon is going to react when she gets back?


Zoe comes up with a bright idea to pull an only found on TV” shenanigan. Candace and Joel head to the restaurant for dinner, while Zoe heads to the party for a little bit, pretending “she’s seeing a patient”, then she would meet them back at the restaurant. Why do writers still do this? It’s only annoying now. Granted, it’s Zoe, and it’s what she does, and the Hart of Dixie writer realized that because when Zoe mentioned the idea, Joel said it’s a good idea….if she was Lucille Ball. Candace finds out that she was lying and she and Joel head to the party.


Scooter McGreevy, Fillmore’s lawyer and nemesis to George has “turned over a new leaf”, and quit his job to start working as an environmental lawyer in Mobile.
While on a date, George and Tansy see Scooter outside Fancie’s, the, for lack of a better word, fanciest restaurant in town. After confessing his feelings and his change of life choices, Tansy agrees to see him again. Turns out he was telling the truth, and found Tansy a job in Mobile. So that’s goodbye Tansy. I’ve already stated once before that I don’t like Tansy, but after Linley, Tansy is a total peach.
 Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 2.09.52 AM
Wade doesn’t want Vivian to meet his father, Earl, because he’s nuts and an alcoholic. They meet at the end of the episode, and Earl is dressed up and no drunk. Bravo, Earl!
And finally, the biggest news of the episode, is what the Hart of Dixie writers call a cliffhanger. Zoe’s mom has decided to stay in Bluebell. (Cue extremely intense *dun dun dun* sound.)


I know that its obvious that Zoe and Wade will end up together, but I really like Zoe/Joel and Wade/Vivian. I wouldn’t mind if they ended up together.
What did you think of this weeks episode? Thoughts on Zoe’s mom staying in town? Are you happy or sad that Tansy is leaving? And the bigger question, are you still mourning the breakup of Lavon and Annabeth because I am. *sobs*
Hart of Dixie will be going on a short break and will return on a new night, Friday, March 21st.

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