Hart of Dixie 3×12 ‘Should’ve Been A Cowboy’: Healthkick to the curb


So, apparently its been a month since last weeks episode. Strange, but I’ll continue.

Joel is struggling with being a manly man because Tom, his biggest fan, told him that his cowboy protagonist in his book makes no sense, and let Joel know that maybe he should stick to a protagonist that he knows. Because of this, he begged Wade to let him be followed for a month. Wade agreed to a day.

By taking Wades job for a few hours, Joel gets into an argument with a mini macho human and if challenged to a “brawl at high noon”. Joel is excited because now he believes he can be called a cowboy. Joel gets beat up. He is now a manly man, I guess?



It’s Health & Wellness Month in Bluebell, something of course, thought of by Zoe. She is trying to get Bluebell to lose an accumulated 500 pounds.

The house Joel and Zoe bought needs work; Joel wants to remodel himself(you know, to prove he’s a manly man) but Zoe knows he can’t do it so she wants to hire a contractor. Joel doesn’t agree, so she says she will pay with her own money(money she doesn’t have).

Because of this, Zoe asks Brick to let her be partner again at the practice. He obviously says no, so they put a wager on it. The town reaches their goal weight and Zoe becomes a partner. If they don’t, she has to work weekends for the next 6 months.



Cake Fest is a town favorite in Bluebell. Cricket bankrupted the Belles by buying their love, so she moved Cake Fest up a week, to the LAST DAY of Health & Wellness Month. Zoe loses the wager, but the sheriff and ‘Meatball’ tell her that indulging is good, but a healthy living as a lifestyle is better. Well, that worked out for the better.

One of the belles, Elody [wow, what a name, I can’t], is getting married after only 4 months of being with her boyfriend. This jolts Anabeth, you know, after all the drama with Lavon. (Click here for that story)



ANABETH AND LAVON BROKE UP. Excuse me, while I freak out. kjashdviuaenksbfkdjsahgf WHY. This is rude. There had better be a proposal soon or I am going to picket. Ugh, they need to just be together forever because they are perfect and other reasons. BUT. huge but. I think a year is not that long of a time. I get it. Anabeth is 31, as she said, but a year is not that long to be upset that Lavon hasn’t proposed yet. Maybe its just me. People need to cool it with the rushing.

How are you taking the break up? Do you want to throw things as well?


The featured song tonight was Miner – Carousel
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