Hart of Dixie 3×07 ‘I Run To You’: Caught between jam and a hard place


This week was more boring than last week which makes me really sad because this season is generally really good! I can tell these are the filler episodes and ‘blank curse word that starts with an S’ is going to hit the fan soon. But anyways, The Annual cross country relay race competition against other towns is coming up and Lavon is the coach of Bluebells team. Oh, of course he is, did you expect anyone else to be Bluebell’s coach? Mayor/Ex-Football Player? Duh. Annabeth has been trying to get Lavon’s attention after their little chat. He keeps ignoring her and she has decided to keep busy by making Jam. She begins sharing it with the rest of the town. The competition team members are getting slower and slower due to eating Annabeths jam. George and Linley are defining their relationship. Linley(still psycho) tells Lavon about her and George dating. Lavon is pissed and fires George from the team for not breaking up with her. After George talks to Lavon again, Lavon lets him back on the team and Bluebell wins. This was all well and cute but just boring. The best apart about all this was Annabeth’s and Lavon’s storyline because I just love them so much! They need to just be together for the entirety of the show and have little ‘Haybies’! (Get it? Haha, cause his last name is Hayes)


Lemon wants Brick to start dating again so he pushes him out there by re-introducing him to the newly transformed widow, Ms. Carol Lee O’Connell. They end up hitting it off and schedule a date. Here’s a plot twist for you all: Lemon finds out that Shelby is around 6-7 months pregnant; just around the time that Brick broke up with her. Cool, well maybe its because I don’t have children yet, but isn’t Brick like a little old to be popping out good swimmers? Anyways, Lemon needs to focus on her own life and stop meddling in her dads. But it’s still good that she told him about Shelby, because I did actually think that ended a little too abrupt. Welcome back, Laura Bell Bundy! She was so funny on the show, I’m glad she’s back.



Joel is procrastinating on his writing. He has writers block. Zoe makes him a little writers space at the Rammer Jammer just like in New York. It doesn’t work so Wade suggest his way: blow off steam, chill, and it’ll come when he least expects it. Well, in that time, Joel gets kidnapped by some people who owe Wade money. They will only give Joel back if Wade takes away their outstanding bar tab. Wade and Zoe go to save him by agreeing to let them be “bar tab picker-upper bouncers” and they agree. Joel is released, and because of this experience, Joel’s writers block is gone. Ugh, I am so torn with this. I love “Zade” but I also love “Zoel”. What does my shipping heart desire? I do not know! Can Joel do something douchey or something so I can go back to shipping just one?! The episode ended with a performance by Green River Ordinance which was awesome and probably will end up being a new favorite of mine. The song was called “Flying” for anyone who was looking for it. They are like Mumford & Sons but happy. This makes more sense: if Zac Brown Band and Mumford & Sons had a baby, it would be Green River Ordinance. The music on this show never disappoints!



If you want more of Green River Ordinance, check out their music video for the song that was featured this week!

What did you think about this week?


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