Hart of Dixie 3×05 ‘How Do You Like Me Now?’: Zip lining for votes

This week’s episode of Hart of Dixie had me laughing out loud multiple times. There is a huge difference in being entertained from a funny line and straight up laughing at the scenes altogether. This show slowly seems to be getting better and better but keeps just the right about of cheesy with overkill; which makes me very happy…
Joel isn’t being accepted into Bluebell as much as he would like to think because in the Bluebell poll, Joel has a 13% approval rating of being right for Zoe.
People don’t believe Lemons new “man friend” is real. Lemon asks Lavon for help finding her “man friend”. Lavon hires the towns P.I./convenient store worker to find him and he finds him. In the end, Lemon decides not to contact him in case a good memory is ruined. I wish she would try to find him, he was absolutely adorable and I really want her to rub Peter in Cricket and her little grasshopper minion’s faces. (see what i did there?)
Lavon put Cricket in charge of flowering up the gazebo for a photographer of the Gazebos of Alabama magazine but she is failing epically so Lavon asks for Lemon’s help. When the photographer shows up, Meatball chains himself to the gazebo. Lavon goes to stall the photographer while Lemon talks him down. Meatball agrees to unchain himself if he gets one goodbye kiss. They kiss, and the photographer catches it; it ends up on the cover of Gazebos of Alabama. I can not. This scene was adorable but Lemon lost a whole bunch of points when she said she didn’t like Doctor Who. SERIOUSLY? Points to Meatball for being a Whovian though!
Linley apologizes sincerely to George, and they end up competing together in the Rammer Jammer’s “Pub Games”. After a huge win, George begins to lighten up to her and they begin lightly dating. Okay, we’re the past episodes just a joke? BECAUSE SHE IS PSYCHO-GROUPIE-COCAINE-CRAZY.


George has no plans of being friends with Zoe even if he secretly saved her hand. Dramatic much? I think it’s about time he gets over all of the past drama.
Zoe tries to teach Joel how to drive and he rear ends the towns reverend. Because of this, Zoe agrees to have her and Joel chaperone a youth groups zip lining trip. Joel wholeheartedly disagrees, so George joins her on the trip by request of the reverend. On the trip, thanks to the Tweens, Zoe finds out about George’s song her wrote for her.


After J tells Linley and Joel, the story of George/Zoe, Joel drunkenly decides to go to the woods. Wade joins him. To act like a hero, Joel decides to zip line without a harness and gets stuck hanging mid-air. This is especially hilarious because he is afraid of heights.
By the end of the episode, Joel’s approval rating double to 34%. George tells Linley their timing is off and she(like a psycho) tells him she will “wear him down eventually”.


Hooray. This show always ends in a happy ending. I honestly really like Joel. he is such a breath of fresh air on this show. He is so funny, his sarcastic dry humor sticks out really well in this show and they create some laugh-out-loud moments. I also love his friendship with Wade, even though I still think Wade has a hidden agenda. I am so over George, and this episode only proved that he and Zoe most likely will end up together, which, to be completely honest, pisses me off. What about you?
Who are you guys rooting for?
Team Wade/Team George/Team Joel
Sound off down below!

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