Hart of Dixie 3×02 ‘Friends in Low Places’: People named after food have sex.

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This weeks episode was far better than the season premiere, but that’s understandable; I guess they have to continue the storyline and set a new one. The episode begins with Joel telling Zoe that he is not sure he can stay in Bluebell because the heat is far too much to handle. First World Problems. Lavon and Annabeth decide to throw Joel a “quiet dinner party”. If you have seen this show, then you know quiet dinner parties do not exist in Bluebell.  CAUTION: Spoilers Ahead.

Apparently, Lemon and Meatball are still a thing that’s happening. I honestly think I should be bothered by this, and while its random…I still don’t really care. The entire town knows about Lemon and Wade’s “relationship” and Mr. Dewitt comes up to them ready for an interview about the new “couple”. This causes the Rammer Jammer to uproar in a chat of “KISS, KISS, KISS”. This happens randomly throughout the episode and it cracked me up every time.

George and Lynly had sex at the end of the last episode, and it begins with the aftermath, also known as an awkward morning encounter. George made her eggs to be nice, and Lynly develops a little crush on George, but he is only here for the one night stand game. She is now interested in more. Who knew eggs meant wedding bells. Keep in mind, he still doesn’t know who she is.

Lemon’s group of friends gossip about Lemon and Wade and that whole ordeal, but oopsie…Meatball is listening in on the conversation and he is pissed. After all, Wade is his best friend and he can’t be the guy that “sleeps with his best friends girl”.

Meanwhile, Zoe and Lavon are discussing getting Joel acquainted to Bluebell and she asks him to talk and become friends with him. At the Rammer Jammer, Brick confronts Wade about him dating Lemon wondering why he didn’t find out through them, but had to find out through town gossip. Zoe and Joel enter the Rammer Jammer to have breakfast and she is immediately jealous because Lemon and Wade are putting on a show again.

Image courtesy of cwtv.com

Image courtesy of cwtv.com

Annabeth and Lavon discuss Lynly and the prospects of her leaving. Apparently, Lynly is Lavon’s cousin. I thought it was his sister.

Lemon finds out that Annabeth is having a party for Joel through Cricket, and decides she must be invited to take Carter with her on a date. She goes to Annabeth to TELL her that she is now invited and to add her and Carter to the list. When Annabeth asks about Wade, Lemon tells her that “her and Wade are having problems”.

Zoe and Joel leave the Rammer Jammer to find a wi-fi connection, because, first world problems, Joel writes in the ‘cloud’. Lemon is buying paper towels when she bumps into Carter Covington, A worldly southern gentleman of importance, who was dropping in to ask for directions to Mobile. While walking around with Joel, Zoe sees Lemon flirting with Carter through the window. The jig is up. She totally knows that Wade and Lemon are faking, but she isn’t quite sure yet. It seems as though, every time Zoe has a breakthrough moment, Joel swoops in and interrupts her clarity. At this moment, he sat on what Bluebell calls “Fire Ant Rock”; its called “Fire Ant Rock” for obvious reasons. Joel is doing the what I like to call, the ants in your pants dance(this time, literally) and Zoe takes him to Brick for a checkup.She runs into Annabeth there and ask about Lemon and Wade only to find out that the entire town found about Lemon and Wade the day before and they were now “having problems”. Well, if she wasn’t sure they were faking before, she is now.

Image courtesy of cwtv.com

Image courtesy of cwtv.com

Lavon finds George at the Rammer Jammer and chats him up about the “mystery man” who broke Lynly’s heart, not knowing that George IS the mystery man. George is having an inner panic attack and they go on a search across town trying to find this “mystery man”. Uh…Lavon, look in the car. Objects may seem closer than they appear. George then tells Lavon that he should calm down, she is an adult, and that he should go to the party to make sure “he doesn’t get into too much trouble”.

Zoe goes back to the Rammer Jammer to tell Wade that she knows that he and Lemon are faking it to make her jealous. Even though this is the obvious truth, Wade denies it. To keep the story going, he decides he will be showing up at the party tonight. DRAMA.

It is now party time, and Lavon and Joel are chatting when Joel discovers that Lavon was one of the people who wrote a bad review about his previous book. Lavon hated the book. That should make Joel feel perfectly welcome. Lemon, Brick, and Carter are chatting; Brick is loving Carter, might I add. Carter is perfect for his little girl, unlike Wade.

George is at the party, and see this as an opportunity to talk to Lynly about what happened. He asks her not to tell Lavon, who it was that she slept with. She agree not to tell Lavon, but also had another question for him: Why can’t it be more than a one time thing? Oh man, some girls just do not know when to get the hint. Sad, isn’t it? George tells her that he isn’t ready. This girl seems psycho, so he better get ready quick.

Wade shows up to the party, and Lemon quickly pulls him aside. Lemons asks Wade to leave but he won’t because he has to make Zoe believe that they are telling the truth. Lemon has no choice but to go on with story, and tells Carter that Wade is her boyfriend. Zoe interrupts the conversation to sarcastically ask how they ended up together, when here comes Joel and his oh-so-perfect timing, going into anaphylactic shock from eating something involving peanuts. While in heal-mode, Zoe tells Joel everything she is suspecting about Wade/Lemon and he agrees to help her find out who Lemons secret lover is. Hooray for honesty. I was trying to figure out why Zoe was keeping her feelings a secret. Glad that’s over.



Later, Lemon tells Carter privately that she is faking her relationship with Wade because he needed the help but she stretches the truth and says that Wade is also terminally ill. I just can’t. I feel like shows having been playing this “fake terminal illness” thing a little bit too much lately. She also tells Carter that she has no other skeletons in her closet. (AKA MEATBALL.) Who else, but Meatball stumbles drunkenly into the party and blurts out to everyone(including Carter) that he has been sleeping with Lemon. So, Carter is gone. Ha, nice knowing ya, dude.

At the end of the episode, Lavon and Lynly ask George to tutor Lynly in law to help her with her LSATS. Like I said earlier, Psycho with a capital P.

This episode was as cheesy as it usually is, but far more enjoyable that the season premiere. I am beginning to like Joel. Is that bad? Are we supposed to be forever Team Wade or Team George or can I venture out? What did you guys think about this weeks episode? Do you like Joel?

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