Grey’s Anatomy 4×23 ‘Readiness is All’: Ethan, eat your yogurt

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This episode broke my heart with just about every story line, Ethan and Owen being #1. Just when he gives into the paternal feelings he has for that boy and decides he’ll adopt him, his dad wakes up. Then he gives the classic Owen response, shutting himself down and pushing them away, just like he did with Cristina at first. I predict that something will happen to Paul en route to Seattle Pres and Owen will not only return to his decision to adopt Ethan, he’ll have to deal with Cristina’s feelings about it too. I think it’ll affect the way he feels about being a father initially, because he had to let go of the hope of adopting him, even for such a short time. Wow, I’m getting way ahead of myself. As of now, Paul is fine, but after the crash in last season’s finale, I want something equally monumental this year! Speaking of the crash, I love that they’re called the Grey Sloan Seven. It seems like all of my favorite shows do this: The Fox River Eight, The Oceanic Six…am I missing another one?


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It tore me up to watch Matthew propose to April too. Or I should say, it tore me up to watch Jackson watch Matthew propose to April, and to watch April’s face when she saw him in the crowd. I usually tear up over weddings and proposals on TV (such a sucker for the Bachelor) because they’re so happy, but my tears were for Jackson this time. Something has to happen here. In conjunction with my Paul-Dies-Prediction, Matthew could be in the ambulance that transports Paul, which will get into an accident where he dies too. Then after the appropriate grieving period, Jackson and April can be together. Or maybe during her grief, they’ll sleep together again and she’ll torture herself about it some more, but they’ll finally fall madly in love like they’re supposed to.

Once again, Shonda goes and shoots marriage in the face. During my remarks on last week’s episode, I wasn’t at all saying that two women being married was part of her skewed vision of the concept of such a union. I think Callie and Arizona had one of the strongest marriages on the show until now and I was honestly appalled when Lauren told Arizona that she’s “allowed to lose a little control.” Legal or not, she put on a wedding dress and promised her life to Callie in front of all their family and friends (and fans). I get that the dialogue was perpetuating the idea that Lauren and Arizona are both control freaks who “lose control,” but that doesn’t make it okay to cheat on your wife, especially after she stood by you when you lost your leg, and especially not with a skinny girl! Goodness, that would give me such a complex, but I’m not nearly as confident as Callie or anyone else on this show.

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Shonda may not get marriage, but she does get unrequited love. Alex and Jo finally have their perfect moment of lingering stares and a tree crashes through the window. I must say that I didn’t predict Jo being the one to beat Jason to a bloody pulp. I don’t condone the type of violence that got him in such a condition, but it’s hard to say whether or not she went overboard. It sounds like he grabbed her arm first, which would definitely frighten me enough to start swinging, and he obviously hit her in the face during the fight. Like Alex said, “you take it, or you walk away.” And what’s with Shepherd getting mad at Alex for threatening Jason to not press charges? From what I remember, we know nothing about Derek’s mother’s dating history after the death of his father, but you’d think that he’d be sympathetic with Jo because he has four sisters. I could easily see Jason taking Jo to court next season, but I don’t care as much about that as I do her relationship with Alex, though he’d probably have to testify and the whole ordeal would bring them closer together.

As for Meredith and Derek and the baby, I have no predictions. As a new mom, I’m kind of sick of terrible things happening to babies on this show, so I really just want everything to go smoothly for once. What did you think of this week’s episode? What are your predictions for the finale?

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  • Brooke W

    I think something is going to happen to either Matthew or Avery, which will effect April. I really hope Merideth and Derek’s baby is okay. Being eight months pregnant I think I would have to stop watching if it is not okay. Can’t wait to see what happens!

    • Rae Bradshaw

      Just saw the preview for tomorrow…Mer has a c-section and something’s wrong with the baby :-/ I feel your pain, I had to stop watching soooo many shows when I was pregnant bc it just made me worry!