Grey’s Anatomy 11×08 ‘Risk’ : “This is not a good idea.”

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Ooooh wow, drama!  This episode had me feeling all kinda things and not exactly sure which side to pick.

Arizona and Dr. Herman (and Amy) : I’m not sure I agree with Arizona on this one, but then if Amy can remove the tumor, I will probably decide I agree with her.  I guess I just get tired of everyone on this show always trying to pick an argument.  Every character seems to be really arrogant and head strong.  Now Arizona is going to have to tell Dr. Herman what she did so that Amy can try to convince her to undergo surgery.  But if Dr. Herman really had the best doctors, wouldn’t Derek be in on her case?  So that also seems weird.

Callie and Owen : Whatever, that whole dude-takes-a-step-falls-hits-his-end-and-ends-up-in-a-coma is totally chiffron.  I’m not buying it at all.

Source : ABC

Source : ABC

Owen and Amy : Hmm…my mom thinks this is a new romance, but maybe it’s just friendship?  I guess we’ll see where this one goes.  I’m interested because Owen has been such a loner without Christina.

Avery and April : Isn’t this just the saddest thing ever?  I’m so sad for them and their baby!

Maggie and Richard : It’s nice to see them mending their relationship, even if it’s in tiny steps.  I’d like to see them get to a good place.

Source : ABC

Source : ABC

Meredith and Shepherd : FINALLY!  I want to see Derek go.  I was so over their fighting.  But is this Meredith’s way of saying they are breaking up?  I mean, the ways she accused him with his use of the word, “everything,” in relation to his job really seemed like she was threatening the end of their relationship. The flashbacks and the carousel analogy (which needs to go away) also makes me think she believes it’s over.  Meredith is so quick to give up.  I hope she and Derek make it though this.

In other news, Edwards was slightly less useless this episode, if only in a really devastating way.  I still love Karev as Meredith’s person…and I’m glad Karev set Jo straight about the house.  I also like seeing Maggie and Callie and Karev and Meredith as a clique.  What did you think?  Do you think they’ll find some magic cure for April’s baby?  Do you think Dr. Herman will let Amy operate on her and then be cured?  Let me know in the comments!

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  • Darci

    Aaah what a monster of a cliffhanger! And now we have to wait over 2 months for another episode. This show’s always been good at season/mid-season finale episodes and this was another terrific example.

    This season has really pulled me back in, I thought the show was starting to get a little stale, but it’s hitting on all cylinders now. This was as good of a Meredith-centric episode as the show has ever had, and the music was also classic Grey’s – they used songs I loved already (“Run” by Marsha Ambrosius when Maggie tries to confront Richard about taking Derek’s side, which also was a great interaction between those two) and introduced me to something new (“Home” by Aron Wright when Maggie and Meredith perform surgery on Holly). Also usually I hate flashbacks because I think it’s just lazy writing/production, but they used them tastefully in this episode and they all really just added to the overall emotion.

    A great episode of Grey’s is like a piece of classical music, it has movements, conjures up a multitude of emotions, and always leaves you wanting more. I’m glad to see that Shonda Rhimes is obviously not letting this show deteriorate in it’s later stages like so many of my other favorites (Seinfeld, Dexter, Friends, The Office, the list goes on…)