Grey’s Anatomy: 11×07 ‘Can We Start Again, Please?’ : “Tell all your little bitty friends.”

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So, this episode is DRAMA!  But unlike last week, it seemed to center on just a couple of characters and their interactions with each other.  I was really, really excited to see the Shepherds interact with each other in a more significant way.  
The Shepherds : Ummm…WOW.  Like, just totally wow.  I have to say, I was really, really mad at the situation that befell Amelia.  I just cannot even believe that the daughter of those two patients would’ve reacted that way.  Furthermore, I don’t think she’s legally obligated to tell anyone anything.  (Good call, Webber.)  In fact, I even texted a doctor friend of mine just to see, and she and I think this was a work of complete fiction to facilitate drama!
So, now that I feel somewhat steady with the events that took place..umm…what is Derek doing?  I don’t fully understand how his throwing Amelia under the bus is helping him.  Are we to believe that he wasn’t supposed to hire her?  But even if that’s the case, shame on the hospital for letting him hire his sister without checking up on her.  Come on, basic business stuff!  I guess now we’re left with the possibility that she’ll be fired.  I hope not, though.  I really like her!
Source: ABC

Source: ABC

Arizona and Dr. Herman : I was so totally with Arizona at the beginning of the episode.  I completely think she needs to know more about Herman’s situation.  And I think the events that transpired really showed why that was necessary.  I think this situation is going to blow up in everyone’s face.  Like, is Arizona responsible when they find out Herman’s secret?  That would make sense to me.  But I guess this was more of how it’s supposed to go, trial by fire, or whatever…with Arizona having to make tough decisions to show she’s capable.  But I’m glad Arizona has something to really shine at without having a ton of relationship drama.

Bailey and Jo : Jo found herself in a similar to Arizona; it’s her first solo surgery and she thinks she’s on top of it…but is she?  This was a little sub plot that I think started to develop Jo into more than just Karev’s girl and sometimes hard luck case.  Of course, Edwards hasn’t yet been afforded her own story line, but maybe that will come.  Anyway, I liked the little bit between Jo and Bailey and I liked seeing Jo succeed.
Source: ABC

Source: ABC

As for everyone else?  It was nice to see Maggie come over and hang out at Meredith’s old house and get to know Callie a bit.  I like the way Meredith is growing closer to Callie and having more friendship time with Karev.  I think it would be cool to see Maggie included.  Jo seemed a bit jealous, though.  Apparently, Kepner also had a moment with the whole placenta thing in surgery…ehh…boring!  Also, there are other doctors on the show, doing things.

What did you think?  Do you support Amelia in her quest to recover and make good as a doctor?  Are you mad at Derek?  Do you think Callie was right in her assessment that Meredith and Derek are just putting band-aids on problems?  Do you think Arizona should report Dr. Herman?  Let me know in the comments!
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