Grey’s Anatomy 11×05 ‘Bend and Break’ : “Every single person I have ever married has cheated on me!”

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Apparently, we have a theme going for Grey’s; episodes focusing on just a few of the characters and everyone else maybe appears or doesn’t.  I’m not sure how I feel about this.  I just want to really dive into something.  But then again, focusing on different characters is diving into character development, isn’t it?  So this week, we have Arizona and Callie, and I am kind of into it.

It took me a while to catch on to what was happening and follow where the show was going.  At first, I was annoyed because it was such a feature episode and also because there was so much yelling and blaming and talking in circles.  But then I was really getting into what Arizona and Callie were going through.  I gotta tell you; I’ve always been on Callie’s side.  I’ve definitely thought that Arizona was a total jerk, just always.  But she did bring up the initial Africa trip and how she blames Callie for that turn in her life.  1. Arizona was the one who didn’t even want to get with Callie anyway and 2. Umm…maybe, make your own decisions?  I’m just kind of tired of everyone blaming everyone else for their decisions.  Maybe Arizona needed to stay in Africa…and if she did want to come home for Callie, then just be ok with that decision and stop blaming her for your choices!  Which is really how I felt about their whole situation; ON CALLIE’S SIDE!

Source : ABC

Source : ABC

I probably caught on just a minute before Arizona to what was happening in this episode.  Since Arizona seemed so quick to stop talking to Callie and really, hardcore ignore her, I wasn’t really paying attention to what she was doing.  I more thought that Geena Davis’ character was being a total B more than I realized that Arizona was dropping the ball.  It wasn’t until I thought about how Callie succeeded and really flourished in this episode that I realized what was happening.   It’s interesting that with all the blame and compromise on Callie’s part for Arizona…that Arizona would be the one to falter during the break.  I’m not sad about it at all.  I’m actually kind of hoping this gives Arizona a reason to leave the show.  I’ve never really liked her and I’ve always loved Callie.

In other news, stuff with other doctors is happening, maybe.  But I loved Meredith and Callie having some moments.  I think that Alex and Meredith and Callie and Meredith could be such great friend pairings!  What did you think of this episode?  Are you into the individual character development?  Are you on Arizona’s side?  If you are, please tell me why.  Maybe you can see her side of things better than I can.  Are you glad they broke up?  Any other insights?  Let me know in the comments!

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  • Erika

    I agree with you mostly. Callie dealt with the leg stuff & the cheating etc. But Arizona did come back from Africa to be with Callie so to Arizona that probably feels like a sacrifice she made. And when she came back Callie was pregnant with mark’s baby so Arizona had to deal with that & she accepted Sofia as her own which was hard. The leg stuff changed them both. Now with the fellowship I felt like Callie didn’t really want this for Arizona and blamed her for not wanting to combine that with the baby plan right now. Arizona never held Callie back in her career, or not that I remember lol. I’m not necessarily on Arizona’s side, I love Callie, but maybe you see her side now too?
    I do like them together so I don’t like that they broke up. However, for the character development it’s good. Especially for Arizona’s career.
    And I agree with the love for Callie & Meredith! I don’t really like these kinds of episodes but it does wrap up loose ends like the one last week so thats good and it does change things up.
    I’m excited for next week’s episode!

    • Fennarama

      I’ll be writing that review later today and we can talk more about what’s happening with Arizona! I’m still not feeling like she made quite the same sacrifices as Callie, but I’m hoping they flourish separately from each other!