Grey’s Anatomy 11×04 ‘Only Mama Knows’ : “The carousel never stops.”

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We’re going hard down the storyline of Maggie Pierce, Meredith Grey, and Richard Weber.  This episode is ALL about figuring out that Maggie isn’t a liar, that Meredith does remember the pregnancy, and the Weber…I don’t know, feels bad for needing a week to process the information that he has a grown up daughter?  Whatever.  DRAMA!

There is not really much to say.  I feel like my little intro paragraph said almost all of it.  This is a flashback episode, for Meredith, but also a bit for Weber.  The focus is really on Meredith, though.  She’s gotta take time to relive her past; remember her brilliant surgeon mother who was a hardcore surgeon.  We get to watch back story that we’ve already seen.  The only thing we learn is that Meredith has a child’s understanding of a pregnancy that Ellis tried to hide, which is probably why it took Meredith a week to figure it out.  Also, we learn that Weber was a jealous jerk who couldn’t handle the success of Ellis Grey.  Whatever.  Finally, Derek is let in on the secret, and I really loved the way he handled it.  By the end, Meredith is trying to make peace with Maggie, which was kind of nice. Weber just lurked, like a big ol’ scaredy cat weirdo.

Source : ABC

Source : ABC

Also, there are still other doctors in the hospital, I guess.  Karev is mad that he didn’t make the board and his besties didn’t have his back.  Whatever.  Hopefully this episode puts to rest the New Grey drama and lets the show start to get back to a regular rhythm where we learn about all the other drama with the other doctors!  Also, Edwards had a particularly annoying little bit in the elevator with Karev.  I’d like to kick her.  What did you think of this episode?

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  • Sara

    That was one of the best episodes this show ever done! Editing, acting, and written perfectly. BTW I suggest you to learn how to write the names of the characters lol, before you write another shitty review.

    • Rae Bradshaw

      We appreciate your feedback about the names, but there’s no need to be rude. This is a site for friendly discussion, so please show some respect!

    • Fennarama

      Pretty sure the spelling of their names doesn’t really matter. You know, if you want to put down my review, you should offer more than a sentence about how the show was done perfectly. What was so perfect about it?