Grey’s Anatomy 11×02 ‘Puzzle with a Piece Missing’ : “Please, please let me die.”

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This week’s episodes was one of those rare one-offs that was slightly separate from whatever the story line will be this season but featuring a specific character.  The character in question is The New Grey aka Maggie Pierce.  I would call this episode underwhelming because so little seemed to have happened, but I really, really, really like character development so I’m into it.

So here we have The New Grey aka Maggie Pierce.  I guess we were introduced to her last season when she interviewed with Yang to take over as Head of Cardiothoracic Surgery at Grey-Sloan.  I don’t remember her, do you?  And of course, the big cliff hanger was her telling Weber that she’s Ellis Grey’s daughter.  Last week, she didn’t really have much time to shine and instead was just all out of place and pissing off Meredith.  I’m guessing Shonda Rhimes wanted to further the suspense of the new character.  So this week, she had her own episode complete with voice over.  So exciting!  Almost as exciting as makeover week on America’s Next Top Model!

Source : ABC

Source : ABC

At first, I was totally bored with Maggie.  She is so professional and put together and quiet, unlike everyone else on the cast.  I really thought she was going to be as forgettable as the interns, which was annoying, since she seemed so integral to furthering the story line of Meredith Grey and her twisted life.  Even at the start of this episode, she seemed just so boring.  But by the end, I really felt she had come into her own.  I liked how she quietly did her job, avoiding all the drama that the other characters are throwing around, standing up against The Chief and Avery…calling them morons and winning Bailey’s approval might have been my favorite moment…and even giving advice to Jo about “bringing the thunder”.  I really admire her professionalism.  I like the way she met each character, individually, while showing them that she is a great surgeon.  I think it was cool to see her gaining the respect of everyone on the staff causing Meredith to stand out like the bullying jerk she often is.

Source : ABC

Source : ABC

Of course, the big ending was her confession to Meredith.  That moment was hard, and I’m not surprised at Meredith’s reaction.  It was a little sad to, because having Maggie force Meredith to listen to her about the death of her elderly patient seemed to have mended the animosity between them.  Then, she hits Meredith with this news, which was never going to go over well.  It makes me wonder if Maggie will react as badly when Weber tells her who he is.  I definitely think this season has started off slowly, but it looks like we’re going to be able to sit back and enjoy some character development and watch how Meredith handles this new relative in her life, after believing her entire family was dead.  What did you think?  Are you a fan of Maggie?  Are you bored and ready for a catastrophe?  Tell me in the comments!


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  • Mellie

    No I actually dislike her more. I find it hilarious you call Meredith a bully. I don’t think you understand the REAL meaning of the word. If you want to label Mer a bully then also apply it to Maggie as she’s been terrible. Maybe you should rewatch. Not much about Maggie was professional with her yelling, beating a vending machine, blabbing her mouth about Alex? The way she aggressively came after Meredith with personal info? Take off your blinders and at least be unbiased if you want to be taken seriously. ABC has both episodes on demand. Go watch. This time with your Maggie glasses off.

    • Fennarama

      Or you could not be a jerk in the comments.