Grey’s Anatomy 10×23 ‘Everything I Try to Do, Nothing Seems to Turn Out Right” : “This should be our next step.”

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Ummm….soooooooo…Sandra Oh is leaving the show, this is confirmed.  But this week’s episode made it seem like the entire show is ending.  Dear Internet, AM I MISSING SOMETHING?  Karev left for his Big Boy job, Blonde Intern is fired (who cares), Derek wants to take Meredith to D.C.  WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO THE SHOW THEN?  Will it move to D.C.?  Will it be Grey’s without Grey?  WILL THEY DIVORCE?  Y’all, I’m freaking out.

Bailey : I just wanna start there because she is amazing.  And look, I don’t even care that she sort of lied to the parents of that kid.  Bailey just twisted some freaking genes!  She disabled a virus!  She is a super hero!  And that dad, saying they’d do whatever to make sure she never practiced medicine ever again…I hate him, but also, seems like everyone in my life is like that lately.  (Not everyone, just strangers and bosses.)  UGH!  I wanted to throttle him for being vindictive.  Bailey should win an award!

Arizona and Callie : All that baby talk.  All there is in their lives is babies…except not anymore!  I’m glad they’re backing off of all the baby talk right now.  It was tiring me out.  Also, I think Arizona handled Karev’s crap well.

Source : ABC

Source : ABC

Jackson and April : On the other hand, I’m glad they are together and having a baby.  April has usually come across as pretty one-dimensional for me, and this just adds to that.  They’re gonna have a baby and have a boring life and I don’t care much except I like them as a happy couple in the show with fights that last only an episode.

Cristina and Owen : Oh man, that kiss just hit me right in all the feels!  I’m so sad for Owen and happy for Cristina and mad that she is leaving but glad things are changing and I just want the two of them to end up together, forever, OK?!

Derek and Meredith : So Amy has become their defacto nanny, whatever.  But also, WTF?!?!  Like, seriously.  The show is gonna end on Derek saying they should go to D.C.  Not cool, guys.  I don’t even know what to think.  I just can’t.

Source : ABC

Source : ABC

Everyone else : I don’t care, I guess.  Karev was a jerk but then made up and Jo was weird and Blonde Intern was fired and everyone else did stuff.  I mean, I guess I should care that Stephanie saved Bailey.  Otherwise, meh.  They were all there.

In other news, I guess this episode was sort of underwhelming.  BUT CAN ANY OF YOU PLEASE TELL ME WHAT IS HAPPENING WITH THE SHOW AND WHY EVERYONE SEEMS TO BE LEAVING!!!!!!!!!!!  That’s why I have comments, let’s talk.  Kthnxbai

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