Grey’s Anatomy 10×19 ‘I’m Winning’ : “Am I Happy?”

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Yet another episode that left me feeling underwhelmed.  Not much happened, and there hasn’t been great resolution to the case of the three kids with the cardio myopathy.  The doctors at Grey-Sloan are doing BIG THINGS, but they are super boring to watch.  There wasn’t much drama and there wasn’t even much of a story for most of the cast.  I’m hoping this lull ends soon and there is BIG DRAMA on the horizon!

Cristina and Owen : I mean, this episode was kind of  another Cristina Show, what with her nomination for the Harper-Avery Award.  Apparently, Cristina did something to that kid that involved putting a sheep in his chest…or some groundbreaking surgery that was being done only on sheep?  I don’t know, because it was handled so quickly and subtly.  I think the point was meant to be how astounding she is with her willingness to really go there for her patients, but I didn’t really feel it…maybe because this storyline has been DONE.

Source : ABC

Source : ABC

Callie and Arizona : I was kind of hoping they were hitting on something with Derek’s brain machine showing Callie’s lack of actual enthusiasm for anything.  But nope, more babies for the lesbians.  You know, because women are only happy when making babies and not when doing groundbreaking surgeries or really anything career oriented.  Yet another check in the anti-woman column for Grey’s Anatomy.  And can I just say how disappointing it was?  Instead of having the plot go to where Callie seeks out help and we learn that under her happy facade is a deep and interesting woman with lots of emotions, we get WOMAN WANT BABY.  Ugh.

April and Jackson (and sort of Karev and Jo) : Ok, I felt like this storyline was kind of interesting.  Let me tell you,  I have definitely worn a bathing suit when I ran out of underwear!  This happened most often when I lived in Hawai’i and Florida where swimwear can often pass as regular clothing.  But I thought April’s bathing suit and leftovers were so apt.  Meanwhile, Jackson is rich enough to charter a private plane, no problem.  (This led to Karev thinking and deciding to go for the private practice, I think.)  I feel like this storyline could go somewhere, for sure.  Classism and money aren’t often talked about in American tv shows.  Either you have shows like Roseanne, where the class of the family is a really big deal and it’s kind of all they talk about (which was fine, because Roseanne was an actual representation of what my family experienced) or you have shows like Sex and the City or Friends where everyone seems to be able to live in a super expensive city and have whatever they want while never going to work.  Even dramas don’t fully cover situations well, with women tending to wear different clothes for EVERYTHING, etc.  I like the idea of exploring how Jackson and April have very different backgrounds, but I was sort of annoyed that no one else in the hospital really played into this.  (Like with Jo sending out her laundry.  I know that having laundry done isn’t necessarily cost prohibitive, but it just seemed really flip that she who is not super rich doesn’t do her own laundry.)

Source : ABC

Source : ABC

Everyone else : They were all around doing things, Swap Monkey, jealousy, I don’t know or care.  Whatever.

In other news, has anyone else noticed the soundtrack of late?  Since the wedding, it’s been slow covers of 80s songs by decidedly indie-sounding artists.  I’ve been digging it and really wanting to make a mix of all these awesome songs!  What are your thoughts about the show?  Are you still excited?  Let me know in the comments!

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