Grey’s Anatomy 10×18 ‘You be Illin” : “Power Through it”

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When I saw the preview for this week’s episode at the end of last week’s episode, I was really excited.  They made this week’s episode look super dramatic, like there was a big epidemic about to hit the hospital.  I thought for sure we were in for some serious drama…boy was I wrong.

I’m just gonna go ahead and say it : This week’s episode BORED me!  The virus that hit the hospital was absolutely nothing to be worried about.  Based on last week’s trailer for this week’s episode, it looked like there was going to be a serious epidemic.  The way this week’s episode started, with that girl sneezing on Arizona and all the close ups, following the transmission of the virus, it looked like we were in for something serious.  Then there was the kid with no immune system, and the girl with the heart transplant, and most of the doctors out sick.  I thought for sure this episode was going to be epic.  So I waited, and I waited, and I waited…and finally I checked the time left and realized absolutely nothing of interest was going to happen.

Source : ABC

Source : ABC

Even in terms of the usual goings on at Grey-Sloan, it was boring.  Derek was sick so Meredith took over.  April had to learn how to back up off Avery.  Cristina and Owen were completely cordial.  The most interesting thing that happened was with Jo possibly discovering orthopedics and Karev considering leaving the hospital (which would be awesome).  Otherwise, everyone was just happy/sick and I was so BORED!  Also, I had a realization that I don’t care at all about the interns/residents.  I watched them interact this episode and I kept wanting it to be someone else.

I don’t know, maybe ten years of Grey’s is wearing on me?  I hope not.  I’ve been a fan of this show all this time.  But I can remember when ER lost it’s shine for me.  I really hope that the writers are about to inject something really huge and interesting, because this season is just lagging for me.  What did you think?  What characters do you really care about?  Is there anyone you’d like to see leave the show?  Are you just dying for a catastrophic event like I am?  Let me know in the comments!

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