Grey’s Anatomy 10×15 ‘Throwing it all away’ : “Are you squeaking?”

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UGH!  I don’t know, I guess this episode is really about Poor Callie.  Like, just how much can she take?  Life is so hard and everything happens to her!  And also, some of those interns (or residents, whatever) are whining about stuff.  Plus, Karev is mad.  That’s it, right?  It’s a pretty typical Grey’s episode and I found it hard to really care.

Derek and Meredith : Nothing, really.  They’re kind of on top of the world and perfect. *barf*

Cristina and Owen : STUUUUUFFFFF!  This was the only part of the episode I was into, because I LOVE THEM AS A COUPLE!  But umm, it wasn’t really covered much.  Next episode, maybe?

Avery and Kepner : Meh, whatever.  Why are they trying to apologize?  Sure, what they did was abrupt and slightly effed up, but this ain’t high school any more where their biggest worry is their prom date.  If they aren’t in love with the others and they love each other, then just be together and own it and stop trying to act like it was a bad thing.  Honestly, no one wants to hear it anyway.

Karev and Jo : In true Karev fashion, he’s made a mess out of everything and Jo is standing around making really pathetic faces.  But whatever, it’s what I like about Karev.  I totally agree with him, that it was ridiculous that a board built on shenanigans wants to hold him accountable for his own.  It was bull and I’m glad he stood up for it and I’m glad he yelled at everyone for the whole episode.  As for Jo…I don’t know, can she even handle Karev?  Because she just whines a lot and scrunches her eyebrow and makes really pathetic eyes at just everything.  She needs to grow up.

Source : ABC

Source : ABC

Callie and Arizona : UGH!  Like, Poor Callie, honestly.  Arizona is not suffering at all and Callie just has to take every little thing.  It was unfortunate about her research with Derek and that patient she couldn’t fix without amputation, but it was all compounded by Arizona’s shenanigans and selfishness.  But in the end, Poor Callie gets all swoony for her wife’s troubles and they go out and make happiness again.  I just find it so hard to believe she’d be so selfless.  As for Arizona’s little sob story…meh.  I don’t really relate to sick or hurt people that I don’t know personally.  I think her speech was sincere and true and understandable but I just really want Callie to be free of all this drama!

All those other interns, or residents, and Weber and Bailey : Weber is still dad to the group and Bailey had nothing this week, but those whiny interns or residents or whatever!  UGH!  I’m kind of glad the boy is getting over his trauma and getting back into the groove of doctoring.  I’m kind of over the whiny girls with the broken hearts.  I mean, blondie absolutely brought her relationship with Arizona into the hospital and was a big freak who acted like a deer in headlights when she had to work with Callie.  And Callie did teach her.  Or am I remembering wrong?  I think blondie’s complaint was unfounded.  As for the jilted lover…meh.  I’m over her whining.

Source : ABC

Source : ABC

So in conclusion, I’m tired of the whining.  In other news, there were no kids of doctors in this episode too, which made me happy!  But at the same time, Bailey’s husband was also excluded.  Is the cast too big right now?  Maybe it’s time for one of those episodes where lots of people die!!!!  What did you think?  Are you mad at Avery and Kepner?  Are you sympathetic to Callie and Arizona?  Do you want Cristina and Owen to get back together?  Are you ready for a tragic episode where a bunch of people die so we can get some fresh blood in this show?  Let me know in the comments!

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