Grey’s Anatomy 10×11 ‘Man on the Moon’ : “Progress looks like a bunch of failures.”

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We definitely have another episode chock full of drama for this week.  I think it’s a pretty good comeback from the Thanksgiving break.  We’ve really covered all the bases.  This episode seemed to have a theme of steps forward and setbacks, focusing on the struggles of each character, whether it be in their personal lives or professional lives.  This episode didn’t really have any dull moments, though I can’t say I agree with every path each character is taking.

Avery, April, Matthew : It seems this little love triangle is wrapping up nicely.  Avery and Matthew had a moment.  In classic Grey’s fashion, they just happened to be right at the scene of some horrific accident that happened in Seattle.  Matthew chose to do an emergency tracheotomy, much to Avery’s dismay.  Later, Avery sort of covered for April, saying that what Matthew did was fine, though it wasn’t.  At the end of the episode, the two of them made up and were cool.  I like that this issue is being resolved.  I find love triangles to be supremely annoying and just over done.  I feel like there is always a more interesting story to tell than a love triangle.  April’s wedding shower happened…in the hospital, obviously.  (No but really?)  Her sisters were there for the episode and it was a pretty classic, she’s the underdog, butt of the jokes made by her sisters.  But at the end, April stood up for herself and fired her sisters as bridesmaids.  Oh man, I LOVED it!  And I loved how she just turned and put Grey, Yang, and Arizona on the spot to be her new bridesmaids…and they definitely had her back.  I really hated April in the beginning, because she was such a whiner, but I’m loving April with character and backbone!

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Source : ABC

Karev and Jo : Karev’s dad is back and going through detox, and Jo has to help him because she’s his doctor.  But then Karev’s dad gets out of control, so Karev has to lend a hand.  I guess they sort of worked together.  I’m not really sure if this is supposed to show strides in the relationship between Jo and Karev.  Or maybe this is supposed to bring up some personal issues for Karev, since he generally has no story line involving family.  Ehh…I’m not too into it, but I don’t hate it either.

Bailey and Webber : All of the sudden, Webber is totally fine and all of the sudden, Bailey isn’t.  It seems to me like Webber was sick for a REALLY LONG TIME and then, BAM!  All better!  Whatevs.  But it also seems that Bailey’s OCD came on super suddenly.  Ok, I know that tv shows aren’t necessarily known for being super accurate, but the portrayal of Bailey’s OCD seems really convenient and so entirely inaccurate…or maybe it’s just not developed well.  Of course, perfectly healthy Webber is in the hospital skills lab and sees Bailey struggling, so of course, he has to give her a pep talk.  I guess this might just be a plot device for Webber and Bailey strengthening their relationship or to illustrate that Bailey can’t do everything on her own.  I’m not sure, but I’m just not feeling it.

Callie, Arizona, (and Leah) : I’m not really down with Callie taking Arizona back into her home and trying to maintain a relationship with her, but it’s obviously happening.  I felt like Callie was super short with Arizona throughout the episode, just kind of annoyed with her over everything.  Arizona noticed this too and so they fought…which they resolved via sex. Because, you know, when you have a relationship full of issues, the best solution is to have sex.  Sex all your problems away!  Ugh.  Meanwhile, poor Leah.  That girl is struggling.

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Source : ABC

Meredith, Cristina, (and Ross) : So, Yang and Grey are still fighting, but clearly Yang is fed up with it.  This episode really focused on what each of them did with the 3D printer and how it seemed successful or not and then failed or succeeded…clever writing, right?  So no one seemed to care about Grey’s sheep procedure and whole research project, and I’m kind of glad about that.  I feel like a lot of this show makes Meredith the little darling, which probably makes sense, because she is the lead and namesake of the show, but she tires me out sometimes.  I was kind of happy that no one seemed to be interested in her project, which probably makes me a jerk.  But then everyone was totally interested in Cristina’s project, and I’m so glad it was successful.  When Grey came to talk to Cristina at the end of the episode, I thought it was really cool that they were being civil, but it all just turned into Grey dumping all over Cristina.  I was really glad to see Cristina stand up for herself.  Grey just needs to get over herself is how I feel.  Also, Cristina and Ross (that is his name, right?) are apparently doing it?  This is probably going to cause problems…but I sort of hope it works out.  I like the two of them together!

In other news, Derek and Callie are doing amazing things with the brain and no one seems to care that much.  I mean, we did get to see a lot of it, but Derek just seems to be living in his own land with little contact elsewhere in the hospital.  But in his own land, he is a super genius making amazing strides without any setbacks, or so it seems.  What did you think of this week’s episode?  Are you a fan of Yang and Ross?  Would you like Meredith and Cristina to stop fighting?  Do you ship any of the characters outside of their current story lines?  Tell me in the comments!

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