Grey’s Anatomy 10×10 ‘Somebody that I used to know’ : “I’m not having behaviors, I’m having a life!”

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Oooh, boy!  This was a good episode!  We went right from a very specific type of episode following only one character to, DRAMA!  There’s always drama at Grey-Sloan, obviously, and this episode was packed full of drama for everyone.  So let’s jump right in!

Owen and Emily : They are the hot new couple, I guess!  For whatever reason, Emily was doing some work at Grey-Sloan.  I’m not a doctor, so I don’t know if it’s important to do work at another hospital, but this just felt like an excuse for us to see how Yang would react and for them to set us up for Emily cooking dinner for EVERYBODY at Grey’s house.  Convenient little plot device, but I liked it.  These two are cute and it’s good!

Callie, Arizona, and Leah : DRAMA!  We start with Arizona sleeping on the couch, which seems dumb to me.  As the episode goes on, Arizona lets Callie know that she had a bit of a relationship in their break up, but she doesn’t let her know who it was.  Of course, Leah is in surgery with both Callie and Arizona, and she freaks out, and Callie figures it out.  Callie is pissed and she and Arizona have a bit of an argument.  I think Callie and Leah both overreacted, but I understand why they behaved as they did.  However, Arizona said something that really bugged me.  She told Callie that they were both coming back into this, admitting they had made mistakes…UMMMMMM…what mistake did Callie ever make?  Because she certainly never cheated and she didn’t have a relationship while she was still married and she was never an abusive bully.  So, basically, the old Arizona is right back, making her demands, manipulating situations, and I hate it!

Source : ABC

Source : ABC

Bailey : Has OCD…maybe?  I’m not really sure what is up with her, but her husband was trying to help her…and then later he was talking with Derek who had to take it all to the board.  So Bailey has been officially removed.  Her husband feels badly, but I think that the right thing happened anyway.  Also, seriously dude, you’re talking to a member of the board, DUH!  I think this story line is going to continue for a while, and I’m not loving it.  I’m kind of tired of Bailey right now.

Avery, April, Edwards : More awkward love triangles!  April goes and invites Edwards to her wedding which is weird so Avery confronts her and finds out that April doesn’t want him on the invite list…because “Avery” is then at the top of the list and her fiance has to see that.  P.S. SO WHAT?  But then they talk it out and Avery decides not to go.  I thought the whole situation was weird.  I think they haven’t fully addressed their issues, and also I want them back together.  Later, Edwards talks to Avery about it and points out that they are not really over each other.  I kind of agree with her.  They have stuff to work out.

Source : ABC

Source : ABC

Grey and Yang : Oh man, the fight rages on!  Cristina is still being blamed, by both Grey and Karev, for wanting to try showy, daredevil surgery things in the name of fame and not in the name of the patient.  I completely disagree.  Because of issues with the 3D printer, Yang needed to use it, possibly to the detriment of Grey’s study.  When Grey lays into her, Guy Intern (who is now a resident and really, I need to figure out his name) goes off on Grey.  AND I LOVED IT!  Grey needed to be put into place!  Later, she’s complaining to Derek (who is not really having it) and going on about Cristina being a “mean girl.”  I thought this was pretty much the pot calling the kettle black.  Meredith Grey is such a classic Mean Girl to me, whereas Yang is just direct and honest with people and doesn’t really deal with the drama.  But anyway, the ending narration was going on about stuff being wrong while panning out from a solitary Yang just after Grey had left without speaking to her.  I think we’re settling in for a BIG, LONG, fight here.  I’m not loving it.  I hope more people tell Grey what is up.

Webber : Is dumb.  Broke his own rib because he was being an idiot.  But he and the interns (residents?) are besties, so yay!

In other news, there was a really great representation of a polyamorous group of couples/lovers/friends happening throughout this episode.  Did y’all catch that?  That stuff was really cool and well thought out and done well.  What did you think of all the drama at Grey-Sloan this week?  Let me know in the comments!

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