Gracepoint 1×10 ‘1.10’: Congrats on figuring out your phone.


Well folks here we are at the final episode of Gracepoint which in my opinion was executed very well from start to finish. Having seen the finale I can tell you with total confidence that the ending of Gracepoint is quite different from Broadchurch, and if you haven’t seen it you can watch both and get an entirely different experience. I definitely feel like the American version wasn’t as fully fleshed out as the British version. There’s some major characters that we never get closure on in Gracepoint that Broadchurch wrapped up rather nicely. Anyway, what happened in the final episode? We open on Det. Carver interviewing Tom about his smashed laptop.         

After receiving info from Rev. Coates about Tom’s smashed laptop in the last episode, Carver decides to sit down for a chat with both Tom and his father Joe Miller. During this the camera dies and he has to continue recording on his phone. (This becomes relevant later) He asks Joe is he’s ever seen anyone hit Danny other than his father. Tom gives a quick glance to Joe and then suddenly answers no. Carver then shows him the emails he found on his hard drive between him and Danny. In the emails, Danny and Tom appear to be anything but friends and seem to have some sort of vague dispute going on. Before Carver can dig much further however Joe terminates the interview upset that Carver is accusing Tom of something. Just before they walk out Carver asks them about their shoe sizes and Joe replies that he’s a 10 and that Tom is a 6. Our astute viewers will remember that they found a men’s sized ten footprint and the scene of the murder back in the beginning of the series.

Source: FOX

Source: FOX

Shortly after we see Miller still interrogating her suspect from last week, good ol’ Vince. Carver sends her on a bunch of errands and she starts to become rather suspicious of why. He tells her she did good work on this case. A sense of foreboding starts to build as Carver gets a call saying that Danny’s cell phone has been turned back on once again. They trace it back to the Miller’s residence where he finds Joe hiding in the garage. “I’ll tell you everything.” Joe promises and they head back to the station together. Once there Joe tells Carver that he and Danny were “meeting up” frequently and that he had special feelings for him, as in, he’s most likely and active pedophile even though he swears up and down that he never touched Danny. Yeah, somehow I REALLY doubt that. Joe tells Carver that when Danny rejected his advances, Danny became upset and ran away from him and threatened to jump off of the cliff. A struggle ensued and then Joe tried to grab Danny as he ran and Danny fell, hitting his head on a rock which ultimately is what killed him. Quite the story, I mean, I have a feeling most viewers were probably very surprised by this revelation given that Joe wasn’t ever really fleshed out as a suspect but then again it’s very believable that he wouldn’t have been under much suspicion since he’s married to Det. Miller.

Once the confession is complete, Carver goes to see Miller and tells her the awful truth. Obviously she doesn’t take it well and ends up going to see Joe and kicking the absolute crap out of him before being pulled off. Carver arranges to have Miller and her two boys stay at a motel in town that way they can’t be harassed by the townspeople. Carver then goes to tell the Solano’s that they’ve made an arrest. As predicted, Mark doesn’t take it well and goes to see Joe in the clink. They have a heated exchange where Joe tries to accuse Mark of driving Danny into his arms which, you guessed it, doesn’t go over well. Luckily, Mark is standing outside of the cell and can’t harm Joe otherwise he’d probably kill him.

Back at the hotel, Miller settles in with her kids and goes to talk to Tom about why this is happening. When she does, Tom tells her she doesn’t understand what she’s talking about and suddenly Miller remembers that a size six print of shoes were found at the crime scene as well.

Source: FOX

Source: FOX

A bunch of other evidence starts to stack up and she asks Tom if he’s told her the whole story. He hasn’t. Apparently, Tom followed his father out to the cabin and watched what went down with Danny. Afterwards, he tried to defend Danny from his dad but ended up killing Danny on accident after he hit him with a paddle and then Danny hit his head on a rock. Miller is understandably disturbed and decides to go and try to talk with Beth. This doesn’t end well and Beth accuses her of knowing about her husband’s sick tendencies. Looks like Miller’s got no one on her side.

Later after the memorial service being held for Danny is done, the town meets on the beach to have a bonfire in his honor. Miller and Carver sit off in the distance wistfully staring out to sea. They both share their plans for moving on: Carver has to go get surgery and hopefully rebuild his relationship with his daughter and Miller just needs to hide out for a while and start fresh. They part ways. After hanging up with his daughter, Carver re-watches the video he took of his interview with Tom and Joe. He suddenly realizes that Tom looked at Joe for validation and his suspicion grows. He tries to call Miller, who is staring silently at her children back at the darkened hotel room, but she doesn’t answer. The end. Perfect ending in my opinion. While as a whole I enjoyed Broadchurch just a bit more, I would say that Gracepoint is definitely worth a watch. What did you guys think of the finale? Tell me in the comments below!

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