Gotham 2×21 ‘A Legion Of Horribles’: Hugo Strange is the evil version of Oprah

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You get a mutation! You get a mutation! Everyone gets a mutation!!! Also everyone thinks they’re Gods and Goddesses, except for Fish because she already knew she was a Goddess since season one. And now Ed was given a modicum of power, so of course he goes insane with it, and there are two Jim Gordon’s, which would be okay if one of them wasn’t a stretchy faced maniac, and Selina’s now a servant to a firefly. Oh, and the Court of Owls made an appearance. The COURT OF FREAKING OWLS! Have I ever mentioned how much I love this show?

It’s just so chaotically perfect that I don’t even know where to start.

Source: FOX

Source: FOX

Yeah the plots are a little zany, and I don’t really understand why Strange is losing his marbles and resurrecting all these people because if one more person gets down into that dungeon, the whole city is going to know about Indian Hill soon enough. It must be that little God complex that follows him around because he was positively gleeful throughout this entire episode and outsmarting Bruce and Lucius Fox seemed to especially butter his bread. Although it seems that Strange has a bit of a soft (if you could call it that) side for his old friend’s son, and I wonder how they’re going to explore that side of his character more, or if there is a way for Bruce to exploit it.

Speaking of which, you go mini Batman! I’ve probably mentioned it thousands of times at this point, but this incarnation of Bruce Wayne is my absolute favorite. He’s not the playboy, or the cold morally uptight Batman that I grew up on. We get to see him grow and change, and trip and fall to become the man he’s meant to be. He just seems so wonderfully human that I can’t help but enjoy every twist and turn his character takes.

Other characters I absolutely enjoyed in this episode were pretty much all of them. Obviously I’m beyond excited that Fish is back, and I think it’s hilarious that she’s the only one to remember who she is, but I’m even more excited about her new powers and how she’ll use them in the next episode.

Source: FOX

Source: FOX

I’m also glad that we got Clayface who is a royal pain in the ass of a villain, and we got the Court of Owls. Now I don’t know how they’re going to fully incorporate the court, but just from knowing their background it’s going to get interesting, and will probably be set up as an overarching villain for the entirety of the series.

Another character coming into his own this episode was Ed. Look at my little baby go threatening murder over a loud speaker. I love you, you heartless crazy man.

All in all, dear lord I am on a rollercoaster and I think it is bound to get worse during the season finale.

Marnie Azzarelli

Marnie Azzarelli

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