Gotham 2×20 ‘Unleashed’: Boom goes the Galavan

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Well that’s how the villains get their wrath I guess. Through a rocket launcher. God, this show is bananas.

I never thought I would cheer for the Penguin, but hell if I did not stand up and scream when he showed up to bring some royal pain to Galavan the immortal’s life. I think that was my favorite thing to ever happen on a TV show ever, and Galavan’s/Azrael’s little “Oh” before he got blown to smithereens was the icing on an already delicious cake.

And God was it delectable last night. Just the drama, the suspense, and at some moments, the absolute ridiculous hilarity of it all made it a well-rounded episode.

And let’s not forget how it ended.

Oh my, poor Selina. She just broke into that place to save her best friend and get some intel, not to be a part of a cruel experiment. Of course Peabody and Strange were intently watching as if they had nothing better to do like try to cover up the fact that Indian Hill exists, or that SO MANY people are finding it and it’s horrors.

Source: FOX

Source: FOX

Like this very green gentleman. I wonder where I’ve seen him before?

Speaking of people who know how awful Arkham is, Ed tried desperately to get out this week, and just when he got through that rat infested, disgusting vent he of course got caught. At least we did get a Selina and Ed scene, which was just so adorkably funny that I re-watched it about four times. I mean who would think that the first time Catwoman and The Riddler would meet would be in a vent in an insane asylum? Well if you played Arkham City, it’s not too far of a stretch, but still.

Source: FOX

Source: FOX

And then we have the son of Gotham. Again, we got another scene where Bruce was looking at Azrael with equal parts fascination and terror, and I can’t help but to see the foreshadowing there. He just looked so helpless that I have a feeling his training is going to be amped up, and don’t be surprise if in the next season he starts to seriously craft the Batman persona.

Especially if Strange gets away in the next couple of episodes, which of course he will because this show likes to torture us more than anything.

But what we can’t escape is who’s coming back next week. Hint, hint. F YEAH, I’M PUMPED.

All in all, this was a wild ride of an episode and I loved just about every crazy second of it.

Marnie Azzarelli

Marnie Azzarelli

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