Gotham 2×15 ‘Mad Grey Dawn’: Forgotten fathers

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Oh my God, I did not expect this episode to be so emotional! I just thought Ed was going to pull a couple of annoying misdemeanors to set up his Riddler persona, but I had no idea it would go as far as putting Gordon in prison! Along with that we got Penguin’s sketchy family, and the dynamic duo of Bruce and Cat so this episode was so weird, yet so good at the same time.

Oh, Jim! That last scene between him and Leslie literally ruined me, and I honestly don’t know if I can come back from it. I also don’t know how they’re going to get him out of prison, but I sure hope it’s soon because my heart hurts.

Source: FOX

Source: FOX

My head hurts a little bit too because I guess we got a kind of spacious time jump between Jim’s arrest and imprisonment unless Bruce can heal a black eye and head wound in a day. But besides that slight confusion, the complete second half of the episode played out beautifully.

Especially since the first half of the episode seemed so tame in comparison.

That big fake grenade in the beginning made me laugh a little too hard since it reminded me of a certain Batman .gif that’s floating around for years now.

That scene and Penguin trying to apologize to people Penguin thinking that being tarred and feathered was an okay punishment exemplified this show’s tendency for dark humor. Then it took an even darker turn, also known on this show, by convicting Gordon of a murder he didn’t commit.

I love this about the show though, and they pull these type of episodes off well. I still haven’t gotten Liza’s death out of my mind, and it’s been more than a year.

Source: FOX

Source: FOX

Another one who always sticks in my mind is Bruce. Please, someone needs to give David Mazouz an Emmy because he is just killing it this season. That fight scene was beautifully done, and I loved how even Cat knew enough was enough when Sunny pulled out the dead parent card. I know I say this a lot, but I really need him to be the next Batman because he just has the character pegged even if the mythos is different.

Honestly, all of the characters on this show are a pretty perfect fit, and that is why this show needs to go on for like the next twenty years, or at least have a re-boot movie when the actors are all old enough to play their respected characters.

All in all, this episode ripped my heart out and stomped on it a little, but it was one of the strongest episodes of the season so far.

Oh and Barbz is back, so I’m even more excited to see how all this turns out.

Marnie Azzarelli

Marnie Azzarelli

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