Gotham 2×14 ‘This Ball Of Mud And Meanness’: It’s a mad world

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But Oswald is a little bit saner. Though I think Ed is picking up that slack since now he found a new target to chase. With a Jerome look-alike and a suicidal hitman this episode gave a thorough look at the underbelly of Gotham, and with Bruce going on a retreat to the streets, I think we’re going to see a bit more of the city than we ever bargained for.

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Source: FOX

I’m pretty sure that scene between Matches Malone and Bruce killed me. It was so intense, and just so incredibly well done that I wanted to cry the second that man killed himself because Bruce proved to Matches and himself that the hitman is not a cold, heartless monster. He’s just a human who did so much wrong in his life.

I can see how that would change Bruce, or better yet how that would make him want to change and learn and grow. He’s probably not going to be Batman for a long while, but this is another time we get to see how close he is to the person he becomes when he dons the cape and cowl.

Another person who is getting closer to his comic book incarnation, is Ed. Now the crippling insecurity that has been showcased so well with his character is now completely to the forefront, and with that little question mark over Jim’s face, we know who’s going to be the first man to solve his riddles.

Of course he’s going to go after Jim because Jim is highly intelligent, yet incredibly indifferent to him. He has to prove his worth. And now Ed feels threatened by the one person who could figure out just how far he has slipped in the last weeks.

I am still sad that Ed has slipped so far, but I do enjoy his little rants and I can’t wait to see how fantastic those riddles are going to be.

Source: FOX

Source: FOX

What I’m not so excited about is what Strange is doing to Oswald. The poor little penguin, is not and never will be normal, so I don’t know what this experiment is about, but it doesn’t feel good at all, and I don’t think his motives are purely to help rehabilitate a criminal. I mean the guys trying to bring back all of Gotham’s dead baddies, he doesn’t have good intentions.

Oh and words cannot describe how much I loved Jeri. I hope she pops up again just to tell Jim how much of a stick in the mud he is.

All in all, I really was blown away by David Mazouz and that scene with his parents supposed killer, and I doubt it will leave my mind soon enough. Great job, Gotham.

Marnie Azzarelli

Marnie Azzarelli

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