Gotham 2×13 ‘A Dead Man Feels No Cold’: I wish my heart was made of ice

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Because then I wouldn’t be crying so hard over this episode! Oh my God, I don’t why, but the writers of this show decided that Victor Fries’ story line wasn’t tragic enough, so of course they had to up the ante, and make his story as painful and as terribly sad as possible. I loved it so much.

Nora can’t REALLY be dead, right? I mean her body kind of cracked in half or whatever, but Victor could bring her back, right? RIGHT?

I just want Victor to be okay. I know he killed a whole bunch of people and all, but still he was doing it all for Nora, proving that he is still more human than homicidal.

Source: FOX

Source: FOX

Kind of like how Jim keeps trying to do the right things for Lee, but just ends up going deeper and deeper down a dark path. That’s why I liked that Nora and Lee got to discuss this together for a few scenes, but then Nora up and killed herself for her husband’s sake, and I am still trying to wipe that part out of my mind.

Then Victor tries to wipe himself out with his own machine, which turns out to be more ironic than you think when he comes back alive, and white haired a few scenes later. I just can’t get over Victor and how determined he was to be with his wife, and I don’t care what Strange said about Victor’s body getting used to the serum, I think Strange had a little pull in bringing Victor back to subzero, blue eyed life.

Speaking of Strange: damn, B.D. Wong you got him down pat. Honestly, when you hear his voice come out of the speakers as he talks to bullock or Victor, I had immediate Arkham City flashbacks. He really has the character pegged down, and I especially love his sadistic glee, along with Ms. Peabody’s as well.

Except when it comes to Penguin. Don’t touch my insane baby! He’s sensitive! And I can now see how Penguin completely loses it to become one of Batman’s fiercest foes.

Source: FOX

Source: FOX

Although right now Batman’s fiercest foe is puberty and dude name Matches. God, that kid grew up quick! He’s also grown a little colder since his vacation in the alps, and I’m a tad worried about how far he’ll go to get his vengeance. Obviously, the Batman we know isn’t always prone to murdering people, but then again in other universes Nora Fries was frozen, but still alive, so I don’t think this series is going to play by the rules.

Like, how Strange is trying to revive every bad person Gotham has to offer (especially a red-headed dude with an infectious laugh) which I don’t think has ever happened in these comic books. Then again no one ever truly dies in a comic book universe, so it’s kind of efficient that they’re going to revive all of them at once. I am a little interested to see if the Lazarus pit is going to play a part in all of this, but only time will tell.

All in all, this was a solid, albeit sad episode for an already strong and entertaining season.

Marnie Azzarelli

Marnie Azzarelli

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